A Season of Lilac.


A season of lilac

Colours of sky and day

Amethyst dawn

Crimson violets and snapdragons

Knee deep lavender

Scent on my fingertips

Drizzle of spring

In a field of butterflies and honey scented buddleias

A swift glides on a whisper of expectation

As the season heals

With days of bloom and rumours of ascension.

Lemon petals

Dance like sapphires

In this fluttering moment

Meadow of blossom.


Written for Poetry Jam

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A Whisper From The Cellar.

Magpies smashing windscreens

Lapping up night from the gutter

Somewhere dark and moist

Good books and daily bread

A woman confesses sins

For cheap clothes suit all.

In black and white

Two cardinals sing

In the calm of the storm

After the taste of anchovy.

And when your eyes behold

A landscape of opal and sulphur

Snatched from time

As a crow haunts your front door.

You will age

Your voice will fade

Your heart will rage

And one summer evening

You will hear

A whisper from the cellar.

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The Blank Wall

I turn my face to the blank wall

Molten amber fills the morning

Red and yellow paint on wooden chairs

Blisters in the heat into soft bubbles

Round my feet pretending to twirl.

In the small thick hours

The gift of wrapped flowers

Drip with salty tears

And push violet petals away.

A crimson half moon

Burns with red camellia blossoms

Between pink azaleas

A lonely owl screeches

As moonlight kisses my arms.

My bad memory

Resurrected in empty regret

Is once again forgotten in time.

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Home Run




Blazing into flames

In sudden shattering brightness

Disappearing into the sound of danger

Reaching past cheering whitebeams

Stealing the free light




Written for Poetry Jam

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My Wolseley Hornet


Exhaust fumes belching

Sputtering, muttering, creaking,

Stiff as chrome bumpers

Hammered down and moulded to fit

Shinning in the sun.


My carburettor valves are clogged

My capacity’s fed to the full

And my walnut finish, just needs repair

My upholstery is feeling the pull.


Synchromesh gearing lets me down

As tired and panting I trundle around

Or glide towards a steady speed

That shrouds my output in a mist

Obscuring the sun.


My body, my Wolseley Hornet,

My leather seat just cannot resist

And my engine is throbbing, chugging

My fuel is liquid fire.

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Since the silent hush

The silent parting of chosen companions

Where the weight of grief

In tears of lamentation

Flowed into a sea of vapors

Passionate pain, rejected shame

Fragile crystal vial.

Since a willing heart

The continually cleansing stream

Resonating deep within

Ripped with crimson scars

Gashed in unforgiving hate

Outpoured love, scarlet nails

Cherished splintered incision.

Since in silence

The power of flowing union

Uninhibited preciousness

Turning darkness into light

Discarded driftwood silhouette

Violet vein, Sapphire sky,

Ablaze with molten grace.

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My Plea


I once spied you



A fist of iron

Working always working.

You held me hostage

With misfits

Two whores

And a corpse

Slapped in the middle

Beaten and bruised.

I want it in black and white

Not complicated

All that is offered

Paid in silver coins

All you deserve

Your testament.

Tell me

What can I do?

How can I defend you?

I remember how you were

Before the flood

Cold bitterness

Grey granite face.

Before you sip from the chalice

Drip with crimson wine



A mother’s child

An empty vial

A finger in the sand.

This is my plea.

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In That Moment


Enchanting stars

Constellation of diamonds

Dark sky, deep violet, yellow

Scarlet velvet ribbons.


Shadows on a wall of crystal glass

Reluctantly let me pass

Into a state of helplessness

Weariness vanishes

Time is unimportant.


Through lilac trees

Onyx gorgon eyes

Softly whisper

Capture that carefree spirit

Towards the edge of nothingness.


Marble columns

Telling an endless tale

To draw the crimson curtains

As empty as an empty day.

In that moment

A swelling, swirling fountain

The story of the nameless one

Words from my mouth

Strangely purified.

It is impossible

Not to believe in miracles.


Written for Poetry Jam

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Crystallised violets

3m-Violettes cristallisées

Ivory candles
Lost in the glow
Beautiful and bright

Crystallised violets
Given to remembering
Slowly dissolved.

And you, delicate snowflake
Those weak and helpless hands
Drawing of love
Scarred with crimson
Kissed the darkness of night.

The day passed
Into a shaft of sunlight
Broken by some distant chime
Abbey bell
Your breath
Flowed through time.

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Letting Go






Like floating

White water lilies

Trapped within crystal bowls,

As light glided through a flame

Burning ivory candles

Circles of light

Holy passion





Written for Poetry Jam

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