If I were a grain of sand



If I were a grain of sand

Smooth golden prism of dust

Stranded in a cobweb of honeycomb desire

Caressed with moonlit veins of silver

That echoes the thunder of the waves

Emerging from the land of burnt out palms

As I am given to the tireless breeze

For there is an empire of vaporous diamonds

Where souls reach out touching the silence

And love cries across the shore on almond sea

For within strands of grace kissed by the ocean

There is always hope.



Written for Poetry Jam

Photograph by Rachel Kiley – Cuimhni Photographics

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In The Garden


This lie is more crafty

It is more subtle

Bent with fear and mystery

Distorted by sharp edges of blame

This lie is magic

It can change your life

Will protect you from havoc

Make you feel like god inside

Listen to my words

Let my knowledge guide

I only bring good news

Seasoned wisdom for the brave

Gaze at my beauty

Summers shadows given to me

Sweet captivating glory

Now before the sun is gone

Bend down and kiss

Let joy satisfy your desire

Don’t let the moment pass

The magic is yours to embrace.

Written for Poetry Jam

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I think of you


Past hidden treasures

Soft floating comfort

Shadows of dust

Full of surprise

Full of awe

I see you

In dancing light

Drifts of eloquent white

Traversing the divine

Heralding winters splendour

A warrior’s banner

A wind of grace.


Written for Poetry Jam

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colours fade

shorelines erode

castles crumble

temples fall

empires vanish

stars explode

but words endure forever

Written for Poetry Pantry

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If autumn

Was a rusted leaf


In the twilight

Across the true light


With nightingales

Without tears

Of thunderous exchanges

Within the orchestra

Of the breeze

A harvest

In another life


For a pardon

A new season.


Written for Poetry Jam

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The Secrets Of The Sea


Realms of whispers

No power on earth

For depths so frail

And spirit so strong

Converge with ministering herons

Adorned in ghostly white

Roar into emptiness

Arresting me

For peeling grace

In waves of goodness

Immerse my heart

Into the forgiven season

Into the shallows of night

I dive

Who can know

The secrets of the sea

Woven into dreams

Lost in sunken chambers

Locked with ancient keys

Hidden in ancient maps

Discovered by the brave

In a realm of treasured mystery.

Written for Poetry Jam

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Throw the dragon into the fire

Cut open his soul

Swallow his wounds

Embrace his lips

As flames fade

Cut through the existence

Deep scarlet eyes

Succumbed to desire

With belief in the story

As created life

Burns thoughts of redemption

Drowned in the waves

Wounds bathed in pain

As penetrated time

Bow down to the horizon

Echoed in screams

Placed at the beginning

For it is good to cry

And release the fire.

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The Singing Of A Bird


The tapping of a blind man’s stick


In a single swift accident

There at the corner table

Friends whisper

Forgotten newspapers

Strewn across dirty tables

Dragging his feet

Tattered threads of well worn jeans

Make him feel safe


As the cold, chill of stone

Kisses his cheeks

His unforgiving heart

Dances to a beat

And compassion resumes her watchfulness

Her sweet embrace

In failing light

And all that is heard

Is the singing of a bird.


Written for Poetry Jam

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Lead Me


Lead me into the past

Walking down corridors

into the art gallery of memories.

Lead me to yesterday’s pictures

Through portraits of childhood

Into tapestries of home.

Deliver me from heartaches

Increased with difficulties

Limit my iniquities.

Remove from me those scenes that invade

That lead me back into despair

And remind me of my defeat.

Leave me with the triumph of mercy

The joy of forgiveness

The murals that bring pleasure.

Let me dwell within the masterpiece

Immersed in the colours of grace

With every brushstroke painted in love.


Written for Poetry Jam

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If Love


If love

was relentless


Nothing we do

Would dissuade it

Would withhold it

If love

was relentless


Nothing we do

Could separate us

Could disqualify us

If love

was relentless.

Shared with Poets United – Poetry Pantry

Photograph by Rachel Kiley – Cuimhni Photographics

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