Lead Me


Lead me into the past

Walking down corridors

into the art gallery of memories.

Lead me to yesterday’s pictures

Through portraits of childhood

Into tapestries of home.

Deliver me from heartaches

Increased with difficulties

Limit my iniquities.

Remove from me those scenes that invade

That lead me back into despair

And remind me of my defeat.

Leave me with the triumph of mercy

The joy of forgiveness

The murals that bring pleasure.

Let me dwell within the masterpiece

Immersed in the colours of grace

With every brushstroke painted in love.


Written for Poetry Jam

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If Love


If love

was relentless


Nothing we do

Would dissuade it

Would withhold it

If love

was relentless


Nothing we do

Could separate us

Could disqualify us

If love

was relentless.

Shared with Poets United – Poetry Pantry

Photograph by Rachel Kiley – Cuimhni Photographics

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The Tears Of A Clown

Reach out

For affirmation,


In a maelstrom of

anxieties and uncertainties

the weight is too much.

Take care

For pressure

and demands

crush hope,

In a stream of conscious impressions

and relentless performance

Where is peace to be found?

In the tears of a clown.

RIP Robin Williams

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Almond Tree



The sound of the wind through the leaves

Sweet fragrance the scent of the evening

A pink petal caresses the air

Shimmers in the shades coldness

Blossom of winter wonderful and free

Intense the presence of your anointing

Precious gift adorned with splendour

For you remain faithful to your promise.


Written with Poetry Jam

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Silent as a

falling raindrop


Every second

a slow





of secrets.


Shared with Poets United – Poetry Pantry

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Home Grown



Born in occupied territory

Born into dictatorship tyranny

Born into military oppression

Born in a land stripped of liberty

Born into freedoms suppression

No protest march He organised

No participation in civil disobedience

No slander He shouted

No nationalistic propaganda

No preaching of insurrection

You said pray for those who abuse you

You said lay down your life for your neighbour

You said bless them that curse you

You said love your enemies

You said forgive those that sin against you

For His tears kissed the desperate

For His words comforted the lonely

For His friends were the forsaken

For His actions encouraged example

For His hands healed the broken

Let compassion reach out to the hurting

Let your life portray love

Let mercy defeat anger

Let grace overcome hate

Let your light shine in a world of darkness



Written for Poetry Jam and Poets United



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The hard way


Silent scream

Lingering dream




Expectant grace

The breath of love

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In old bathrobes

Sip my hot cup of black coffee

Wash the yellow stains

And fluff on the carpet

In comfortable slippers

Dragging my feet

Not this time


For the lesson I have learned

For blessings remembered


The recipe of life

Year after year

Quiet time

Clean up

Working always working

Laughing forever


Written for Poetry Jam

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Abandoned Road



Down the road the footsteps fade

When twilight falls

The winds blow clear and cold.

The road is frightening

Its death full of surprises

Filled with hungry ghosts.

The road came back through the fog

Amidst blustering sheets of leaves

Dissolved into a flood

Down the road altered in these years

All my tears dissolve everything

Discovering that rust changes into gold

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Abandoned House

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Balanced on a staircase

Shattered portraits

Creak apart

Empty walls

Cold and quiet

Painted rails

Grey and bleeding

On marble floors

Silent as ghosts

Voices held in a prison

Remorseless melody

Of watching misery

Opened curtains

And windowed sleep

Tears of freedom

And no regrets of the past.


Written for Poetry Jam

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