Abandoned House

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Balanced on a staircase

Shattered portraits

Creak apart

Empty walls

Cold and quiet

Painted rails

Grey and bleeding

On marble floors

Silent as ghosts

Voices held in a prison

Remorseless melody

Of watching misery

Opened curtains

And windowed sleep

Tears of freedom

And no regrets of the past.


Written for Poetry Jam

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Abandoned Car


In the suns of yesterday

Fierce as a dragon

Ripples of mischief

That once carried and traveled far

Under the vermilion mutilated veil

The ache of waiting

The engine empty now

No music to play

Just the beat of centuries of rain

Neither a saint nor marvel

Dislocated by time

Bright dragon of youth

Discarded and obsolete

Hoping for a last good-bye.


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On a page in the book of light

Where there is nothing to remember

No illuminated manuscript

No intimated insurance

In the spaces of cast-off phrases

For order and disease

Play the delicate game

As the approaching powdery gloom

On a sentiment of mercy

Rains innocent petals

Just a time for prayer

And at the very last moment

You could blow your nose.


Written for Poetry Jam

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An Impossible Place


I sat at the edge of the world

Where rain turns to gold

And clouds were dreams

Filled with power and glory

But everywhere is silent

No one awakes

No one stirs

In the distant expanse

Half-remembered things

Strange sounds rushing through the air

Songs of birds

And the cry of autumn

For in the violet thunder

Reflected in lanterns

Ripples vermillion shadows

Through chasms of emptiness

And chambers of rust.

Dawns a calm, still morning

And darkness slowly dies away.

Written for Poetry Jam

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Drops of love

Dripping with terror

Impatience and anger

Longing for tenderness

Waterfall of desire

As sweet as comfort

Bliss to the soul

Limitless promise

The thirst of life

All consuming harvest

Carry my heart

Breathe into the fire





Written for Poetry Jam

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No tear-drop in my eye

On this path of life

Towards this chamber

Serest passage of loneliness

Cold and hollow

As light wrestles dark

No sadness in my heart

Flakes of silence

Hold my spirit

In the empty space

Feel the rhythm

Pulse within my veins

Your love

Your power

Your presence

Your grace



Written for Poetry Jam

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Single tenor bell

Heavy carriage wheels

Drops of mahogany rain

hide melancholy and doubt

in the slumbering calm

~Sweet scent after all the tears~

The healing hand offered out

As silence through the streets

For this heart craves so much

Slowly the soul starts to heal

In the lines of your soft face

Written for Poetry Jam

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Dancing damson embers

To the hollow core

Suffering change

Strawberries, raspberries,


In barbed wire

A world of bliss,

Torn by a volley of comets

Strike and seize

The vine

Divine wine

Crimson stain

Wounded and healed

The undying tide

Radiant incision

Cast aside in driftwood grace.

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Lost and Found




Swirling mist

In crackling dust

Stars first violet light

Inescapable twilight

Message of embracing pure love

Crimson last sunset

Found and rescued

The legend

The names




Written for Poetry Jam

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