I hear you


In this wilderness

Ambiguous space


This burnt offering.


Bring me

Words and wildflowers

That I may drink deeply of life


For I taste its wonder

Infinite fascination

Boundless vision


Lost in the mystery of hope


For I rejoice in the beauty of each moment


As your soft kiss

Will take me to heaven


And pain is washed away.

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Arms folded across the chest


Your dark, brooding gaze

Fixed on a spot on the floor

I realized

As the darkness cleared

That every expression

Every movement

Was your message

Of disappointment.


So let me

Come to you

Hold you

Embrace you

Catch your breath

Wipe the desperation from your eyes

Help me to touch you

Cherish you

Wrap you in my forgiveness


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September Skies

Airless peace

Copper lamps burning across the water

Dancing moths stealing the dusk

Stars rise

Crimson furnace

Amber shards free the past

Memories disappear before my eyes

For September skies

Brings the hope of awakening grace.


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September Petals

Drizzle of petals

Searching amber drops

Sweet tears of summer

Every scarlet leaf

Every golden whisper

Kisses the story of creation

Each moment of hope

Blossomed in the garden of love

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September Hope

The stealing of light

Unraveling shadows

As colours fade into crimson,

I breathe the cold sweet air,

Somewhere still

Somewhere quiet

As rust disappears before my eyes

Candles of love burn,

For faith is a comfort

Planted in my soul.


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Autumn’s first rains

Your voice of delight

This garden of pleasure

Crescendo of love

Immersed in each promise

Of a new day

Of a sunrise

For your gift of hope

Dances with wonder

And sings the anthem of grace.



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Dark wonder

On the night air

When sleep retreats

When silence reigns

Stay behind

Slowly rise

Listen to the lonely bell

Love rips and heals

I am vulnerable

I am dust

I am sand

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Without hope

Something inside dies

Dreams fade

Expectations drift

For desire awaits fulfilment

and all the promises

without a today

never become reality.

For it is in the possessing

of all that has been mislaid

That changes desire

and raises expectation.

For without hope

something inside dies.

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Cold is the rain

Creeping sighing wind

A burden of endless sorrow


Clouds of granite lend

Wings to distant thunder

Where memories find

Bronze tainted leaves


Swollen decaying land

Furnace glowing crimson

As lonely hearts bond


Misty opal encroaching haze

Burnt candles left to stand

Forgetting summers golden glow

Rust creeps into every mind

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Iron rips into flesh

Crimson streams seep in gushing agony

Intense pain


Hate driven home

Elevated for every eye to see

Sins wounds

Crimson atonement

Eternal redemption

The predestined sacrifice

Bleeding in wraths rivers

Crushed for my rebellion

And for my reconciliation


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