Beautiful frosty meadow
Treasured decoration
Without stories
Where darkness calms night.
All we saw
Turned to wax
Kings and all
Barriers of every kind
No one saw the sun
We felt your soft air
Heard the song
As Angels sing
With trumpet and fire
And hope is found in love.

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Colour of Lost Love

I can climb
In the calm of light
Kneel and grieve
Without air
Ride so far into wonder
And Leave it all

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Whispered words
Listening alone
Veil of dreams
Glorious shard of sudden light
All we see is gold.

To start again
Somewhere now ahead
Every track
Every sign
Every chain released.

Nothing is too small
Nothing is lost
Nothing is discarded
No special words to tell you
Love is not your fault.

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Behind the window the moon is full
Shining its light
The lake is aflame
With long white scars
Flowering invisible love.

Torn at the edge
Not a reflection
I wash my heart
Flooded by whispers
Emptied of venom.

Folds in the veil
Coloured stitches
You’re not too late
These moments are forgiven.

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Great clouds like galleons
Gazing at the promised land
Fragments of questions
Unvalued treasures of everyday life
Once found, can never be lost.
After the storm of weeping
I wondered if my courage failed
Tears are for sorrow and for comfort
As happy years have passed
I found myself climbing into the dawn of a new day.


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Teeming with icy rain
Seething with indifference
Heart pounding in the throat
Outward bound in the afternoon
Find the love that looks for you.

Scarlet berries
Lemon leaves
The air is full of songs
When the shades of love
Gently fall with the wind.

Chimes sounded clear
Heartless through the still air
A sad anticipation
As we gazed at the shining beauty
And memories came flooding back.


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In Your Mind

It always seems to be raining
Where the light fades
From the edge of time
You love the passing hours
That makes us tender once more.

Scarcely a whisper
As you started to breathe more deeply
Your arms warm and welcoming
You sleep in peace
As each star dances across the sky.

Always and forever
From the pages of love
Moments of passion meant to clasp
Will be taken from the book
And written into the things we are.

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Piercing through the years
The light of creation
Aflame with life
Innocent hearts
Search for everlasting delights
Shifting thoughts
Inner voices
Share our precious love.

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Liquid Light

Moving branches
Drift dreamily
Towards the future
Where time slows
To the imperceptible flow
Of the passing
Liquid light.

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A desire to dance
Freedom to live
Carrying me
Beyond all mirrors
Where pictures seem so real
As faces blurred
And slowly clear
Revealing your gentle approach.


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