Dancing in the shadows

Weaving the threads

Remembering patterns

Screaming at the wall

Nothing hurts

Behind a stone cold face

Every crack that is broken

Every tear that is real

Sparkled the existence

Of dust purchased in gold

Minds aware of the price paid

With droplets of crimson.

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Thoughts are dangerous

Gloomy and gray

and fertilized with constant repetition

positive or negative

growing stronger

thoughts are dangerous.

They change people

They feed doubt,

birth unbelief

encourage discouragement.

thoughts are dangerous.


Thoughts are inspirational

Vision and vitality

and cultivated with hungry expectation

positive or negative

filled with victory

thoughts are inspirational.

They change your heart

They build faith,

birth belief

encourage reliance

thoughts are inspirational.


You need a guardian,

a keeper of your spirit

to guard your heart

regulate your mind


thoughts determine our lives.

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The Unredeemed by Edward Dyson – #Gallipoli100



I saw the Christ down from His cross,

A tragic man lean-limbed and tall,

But weighed with suffering and loss

His back was to a broken wall,

And out upon the tameless world

Was fixed His gaze His piercing eye

Beheld the towns to ruin hurled,

And saw the storm of death pass by.


Two thousand years it was since first

He offered to the race of men

His sovran boon, As one accurst

They nailed Him to the jibbet then,

And while they mocked Him for their mirth

He smiled, and from the hill of pain

To all the hating tribes of earth

Held forth His wondrous gift again.


To-day the thorns were on His brow,

His grief was deeper than before.

From ravaged field and city now

Arose the screams and reek of war.

The black smoke parted. Through the rift

God’s sun fell on the bloody lands.

Christ wept, for still His priceless gift

He held within His wounded hands.


On the 100th Anniversary of the Landings at Gallipoli, I have posted an awesome poem by the Australian Edward Dyson. This is an amazing hard hitting, gritty work crafted by the experience that only someone who lived and took part in the Great War could write. For me it is one of the greatest poem’s ever written.

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Sometimes it’s time…


Avoid deserts

And gather quietly

On high ground,

Stay tuned

And stand still

as your heart quietly waits .

But most of all




The ever-rolling spheres of heaven.

Written for Poetry Jam

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Life aches crimson

Sears the skin

Touching each nerve

Kissing my thorns

Tears on petals

As lonely poppies fall

Into the garden of the impossible

So rich in colour

A place of dreaming

A place to imagine

A place of drowning

In violet ripples

As I cling

To this borrowed world.


Written for Poetry Jam

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Desire’s pure flame

Sweet scented perfume of delight

Desire’s pure flame

Fragrant aroma kisses my shame

Love’s promise forever burns bright

Darkness dispelled in radiant light

Desire’s pure flame


Written for Poetry Jam

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The Tea Room

A cup of tea beneath a burning lantern

As large moths circle erratically with grace

The walls left blank for our imagination

Scant particles of wonder now made complete

A strand of light caught in a spider’s web

Elaborate dragnet for tiny aerial creatures

Reflecting prism trapped within sticky fiber

Your ancient heart held in broken windows

Created beauty made richer for the viewer

Revealed with dust and portrayed in time

The poetry of passion painted with grandeur

Reciting each verse in your divine theatre

Written for Poetry Jam

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The First Step

I used to go to work every morning by nine

Packed lunch in my rucksack

Mobile in my pocket

Both there to keep me connected.

After my daily journey

Up and down the same road

I would wonder about the challenges of life

About chances not taken

Paths not walked

And contemplate where I was headed.

I followed by heart

I forgot my head

I lost my curiosity

Left behind all my security

Followed a dream

Listened to a quiet whisper

Took the first step

Out of the boat

And walked on the water.


Written for Poetry Jam

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Autumn Eyes





in circles

as amber leaves

in drifts of cold rain

dance on the swirling breeze

I in crimson light will

look into your eyes

leave the future

to itself

and trust




Written for Poetry Jam

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Far Away

Pale sunlight washed over the rooftops

The bitterness of winter had dragged on

For far too long.


A symphony of birdsong welcomed the day

The fresh smell of damp earth filled the air

Breathing new life.


Leaf buds in the hawthorn bush were fatter

Rows of golden daffodils reflected the sun

Heralding spring.


Happy laughter could be heard from playgrounds

Filling the breeze with instant inspiration

A new place to live.


For all the iron Victorian reproduction

Of street lamps and vibrant hanging baskets

Home seemed far away,


In a terraced house

In a seaside town

In a faded photograph

In childhood memories

In a heart that never grew old.


Written for Poetry Jam

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