I Wish

I wish the world was smaller

Had fewer rules

So I could

Turn into a bird

Fly free in the sky

Over land and sea

Kiss the breeze

Enter the open window

And wrap myself into you

Drawn into you

To feel your breath

Caressed by your whisper

Nested into your embrace

Held tight by your love

Gripped by your grace

Where I belong to you

and you belong to me


Written for Poetry Jam

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I have know the lost grayness of the day

As darkness clouds every empty chilled glass

And each closed thought convinces me to pray


My eyes are heavy with deep blue rivers

For crystal drops defuse the mellow light

Beyond the limit of endless wonders


I count silver stars as I pause and roam

Into a journey embraced with your grace

For it is love that takes the dreamer home



Written for Poetry United

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Violet Shadows

Violet shadows

Windows warn

Ghostly moths swarm in expectation

Dancing on the edge

Summers forlorn moon

Steal the light

As rust on branches

Crackled and burned

Mauve petals of twilight


The threshold of the moment

Crimson legends of the night

Scarlet and golden

Steal the dawn

Perishing candles flicker

The mirror holds the presence

And the stars are hidden

Lost forever in

Violet shadows.


written for Poetry Jam

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In a weak chain of concealment

Matters squared with your fraught conscious

Especially when you consider the years

That held each fragile repentant silence.


To allow yourself to accept forgiveness

As the hand grasps every hint of commitment

Consider every silent act of repercussion

And cling to each moment of reassurance.


For with the gift comes personal humiliation

You never bargain for all encompassing comfort

As you receive the grace you have encountered

And kiss the silence of flourishing endurance.



Written for Poetry Jam

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Every Word

The smile is not a smile

thoughts shaped into words.

For sharp curves and deep grooves,

reawaken old fears

and the meeting of lips

Every fleeting breath

knows the joy of wonder.

For drifting songs sung in a symphony,

speaks a forlorn whisper

and heralds the promise

Crueler than any letter

Ablaze with desperate rage.

For passionate nails and scarlet scars,

kindles a last sacrifice

and we cry at every word

Written for Poetry Jam

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The Day I Left

The day I left there was nothing left to say,

The sun was shining from a clear blue sky.

I hurried through the large wooden door

I keep my eyes looking straight into the answer

In my mind’s eye I saw the empty room

In my heart I cried the song of separation

For my feet carried my guilt, my condemnation

For I didn’t want to admit all was broken

At last I could be drawn into the light

At last I would end the past in that moment

The day I left there was nothing left to say,

The sun was shining from a clear blue sky.



Written for Poetry Jam

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Seven Whispers

images (68)

Seven whispers

For in silhouette hours

Little iron gifts

Listen to the tears

Shriek down the phone

Turn the key

Lie on the ground

Breathe the mist

Drown in the fog

Realize the transgression

Life is too thin

Air is too cheap



Written for Poets United

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altar-b (1)

I am willing

Willing to believe


I don’t ask questions

For nails in the hands

Declared forgiveness

Silent wrists

Speak of reassurance

In my torn throat

Silent words

Well modulated

Soft whispers


I turn my face

Towards the blank wall


I am quiet

I am silent

I am here


Written for Poetry Jam

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If Jesus was born today


If Jesus was born today

It would be in a Travelodge room

With a food bank voucher and charity shop clothes.

A street pastor, caring for the broken,

would be first there picking up the pieces.

Later, with an I-Pad connection,

A local blogger,

a “facebook” friend,

and a website designer

would arrive with a camera

the whole scene shot and uploaded  to “Your Tube”

as prayers are held to make it go “viral”.

Then in a blur to escape “social media”

His parents would catch a Euro-star train

Until his facebook page wasn’t liked anymore

And the video was eventually forgotten.

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Hands Of Time


Another day flies

Another written letter

Another scribbled note

Another hidden text

Another word of reassurance

Another whispered fear

Another hollow scream

Another dream shattered

Another poured out heart

Another hem to touch

Another promise never to leave

Another forgotten tear

Another forsaken tree

Another palm engraved

Another hand reaches out

Another new beginning


Written for Poetry Jam

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