No questions

There are no answers

Light of life

In that day

As part of endless silence

Unspoiled moments

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Burnished hoofs

Smoke rising passion

Fire and dust

Burnt canvas

Heroes and lovers in ashes

A piece of the moon

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Every rock

Jostling rushing tide

Kissing stones


A river turns into a flood

Bears our love away

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Speak of those days

Of smooth silent sand

Long afternoons

Soft sweet summer rain

Where old worn pathways

Meander into restless days

We watch as colours pale

On the long distant shore

In tears we say our farewell

A voice that remains unheard.

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Sweet breath of freedom

Treasure of forgotten kings

A sacrifice of dreams

For anxious love stands on a watchtower

As crowns of anger

Press thorns of hate

Into the liberation of heaven

For your ripest fruit

Flourished on your choicest vine

Your chosen melody of love

Heralds each dance of hope

And with a tender heart

Your cherished affections

Are expressed

In an elevation of grace.


Written for Poets United


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Molten pain

Frightened voices rage


No more breath

Wait for some recognition

Slowly moments fade

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Through freezing rain
Desperately cavorting with an umbrella
Like startled starlings
Clouds of smoke
Blood thunder
Where the horizon blends
With lonely cafés
Fly-posted shops
Blistered with malice
Before a crimson cabriolet
As furious cars
Lit windows of a train
Shut portcullis
Violet neon signs
Swollen with rain
As a woman shrieks down a phone
Avoiding rampart push-chairs
Wheels within wheels
Carnival of missing dawns
Have mercy on the hands that scar
Through freezing rain.

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Almond Grove

Suffering was out of bounds when I was made of mahogany

Unspeakable questions

Harsh splinters rising in my throat

Unspoken words

Disconnected yet understood.


Choose to cry in silence

Or hold each cold, stainless knife

As every accepted incision

Absorbed each contradiction

To accommodate dazed intent.

So tell me the answer

As I face again the experience

And let the crinkled mask shatter

A purging of my furrowed brow.

In empty sanctuaries

At last children play

And hide inside Almond Groves,

Blistered blossom grieves

Stripped of tenderness

Where silent buds kiss the freshening breeze.


“On that day you will no longer need to be ashamed,  for you will no longer be rebels against me.” – Zephaniah 3:11

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Angels of the room

Crying colours

At the corner table

Scarlet wine

The chains of love

Silver velvet

Afternoon crystal

Pink and blue


For peace enchants

Love is hidden

Moments shine

Tiny promise of delight

In the twilight

A harvest of almonds.

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Sometimes I wonder

Where I am headed

how will I know when I arrive?

I may lose my way

Wander aimlessly

Silently in the desert

it is hard to believe

in emptiness.

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