All those rain drops that longed for you

Longed to kiss your face

Held each promise

Reassured every tender cheek

A time to imagine

To silently comfort

The stillness in your spirit.

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Guard the entrance of my heart

In a blanket of hope

With love and acceptance

Capture my travelling soul

For within me is your life

As love opens my heart

For in the power of our union

I am changed from darkness into light.


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My heart

Consuming golden fire

Burns free

Spirit in my veins

Embers of glory

I see an altar

Cleansing branch

Broken reed

As sacred stones and

Silver knives

Try to shake free

And reach the sun

A molten living furnace

Breathing crimson fire

Your sacrifice

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Jewels Of Grace

A heart reaching to heaven

Held with jewels of grace

Treasured pure heart

Living glorious presence

Fragrance of wonder and hope


Compassion Illuminates goodness

As every dawn greets the light

Shine and radiate each strand of life


Each tear is a promise

All breath

All desire

Is found in love.

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Lift up your eyes and see

The rising of his glory

His radiant presence within


When he whispers

I will listen

When he ignites

I am set on fire


He is the life in my veins

He is the breath in my lungs

He is the strength in my bones

He is the joy in my heart


Every word of hope

Seals my heart

Every thought of grace

Renews my mind


In me you abide

In me you remain


Found in your grace

Found in your love

Found in you


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Beyond the doorway

Beyond time and space

Beyond imagination

Beyond the shallows

Living and grasping and walking

Your love always answered.

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Signs and wonders

Another preoccupation

Anchored in the wind

Where feathers float

On chains of light

And rain cleanses every heart.


Past and present

Perfect placement

Across shimmering paths

Leaving fading flowers

On silent streets

As melting love starts to heal.


Peace and love

Decorated wonder

Another season starts

Sweets clear notes

On connecting moments

Now teaches us to shine.

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I hear you


In this wilderness

Ambiguous space


This burnt offering.


Bring me

Words and wildflowers

That I may drink deeply of life


For I taste its wonder

Infinite fascination

Boundless vision


Lost in the mystery of hope


For I rejoice in the beauty of each moment


As your soft kiss

Will take me to heaven


And pain is washed away.

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Arms folded across the chest


Your dark, brooding gaze

Fixed on a spot on the floor

I realized

As the darkness cleared

That every expression

Every movement

Was your message

Of disappointment.


So let me

Come to you

Hold you

Embrace you

Catch your breath

Wipe the desperation from your eyes

Help me to touch you

Cherish you

Wrap you in my forgiveness


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September Skies

Airless peace

Copper lamps burning across the water

Dancing moths stealing the dusk

Stars rise

Crimson furnace

Amber shards free the past

Memories disappear before my eyes

For September skies

Brings the hope of awakening grace.


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