The night is over

The air is calm and still

Through misty silent valleys

Gleaming water drops

Dance in anticipation


Tender, profound, forgiving love,

Rising into waves of praise

Imparts the perfume of heaven

Omnipotent grace

Dissolving beams of light

Infusing every heart

Shining within

The sun of righteousness.

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Vermilion sky

Radiant heavens brightness

Rainbows blossom in a dance

Rich clouds and warm rain

Floating feathers of light

From enchanting stars.


I wonder at the sovereign splendor

Mountains high and rising tides

Kiss the shores of diamond lakes

Reflecting the beauty of creation glances


A world of sweetness

This amethyst dawn shakes free

As warm sun-fingers

Are wrapped in hidden reverence

Declare to life the glory of love

Immersed under a banner of treasured grace.

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The mountains call

Flickering rainbows of light

Chasing the clouds

Onward in anticipation

Transported beyond

Fragile rising storms

Unsuspecting arrival

Contemplation of joy

Dangled before my eyes

A covenant of awe

Somehow understood

In the moment of participation

Reserved for me

An undoubted pleasure

Eternal protection.

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Shield of Love

Between lost and becoming

Echo so intense

Meandering like shadows

Into a drowned future

Drifting dreamily towards

Old scenes

Old friends

Old days

The joyful praise of a vision

Room and roofs of refuge

Have become my dwelling

In the doorway of your house

Where I find your unfailing love

And weeping

And tears

And hopelessness

Of a suffered life

Is healed

In the promise of rest

And hidden within the shield of love.

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Who will bear testimony to

This life-renewing discovery,

Falling transcendence

Love, forgiveness, renewal,

On an empty hillside

I never heard a sound

Failure, loss, despair

Hung from a single thread

Pardon, glorious certainty, union,

Everything has changed

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Place Of Dreams

A golden leaf spins

Dances in the autumn wind

Drifts of marble rain

Sweeps across the path

As clouds so low I can barely see

The bright morning light

As I silently stumble

And trust the harvest

Spring follows winter

Joy comes after pain

Loss turns to gain

Death changed to life eternal

And after that moment

The peace of dreams

Your face in the mirror

Beyond hope

Sown in a crimson thread

For when I call on you

You declare me innocent

And shower me with your abundance.

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In the coolness and freshness of the morning

Step into the garden

Breathe the fragrance of the breeze

The light of beauty

And find refreshment

And renewal

And in creation’s aroma

The presence of His mighty power

In deep awareness that He is good

His blessings abound

And in the heart and soul

Of abounding love

I am forever secure.


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Eyes Wide Open

Golden glory

delighting the eye

captivating the heart.

As the season glistens

in rich white blossom

and emerald river banks


in a blaze of graceful yellow chains

responding to the brightness of the sun,

with eyes wide open

to the imperceptible river of grace


overwhelming every second

dissolved with the joy of love

and held in my Father’s embrace.

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I have seen justice

I have watched as others escaped

I have cherished goodness

I have seen weakness burn.


On falling leaves and rising suns

On something as lifeless as rock

On a far away persistent clock

On a granite boulder sealed to hold


A time when things were made to live

A furnace heat to purify silver

A fragment of a splintered heart

A place that once meant nothing


You remain faithful now and forever

You protect all that are oppressed

You reveal yourself in scarlet nails

You provided everything in your sacrifice

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You are not depth

You are not length

But a raging tempest

Empty refuge

Broken promise come and gone



You are the beginning

You are the hope

A healing oil of balm

Joyous assurance

An unsurpassed candle of grace



My kiss of encounter

My tear of tenderness

A wonderful beauty

Sweet acceptance

Overflowing perfume poured today.

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