Dark wonder

On the night air

When sleep retreats

When silence reigns

Stay behind

Slowly rise

Listen to the lonely bell

Love rips and heals

I am vulnerable

I am dust

I am sand

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Without hope

Something inside dies

Dreams fade

Expectations drift

For desire awaits fulfilment

and all the promises

without a today

never become reality.

For it is in the possessing

of all that has been mislaid

That changes desire

and raises expectation.

For without hope

something inside dies.

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Cold is the rain

Creeping sighing wind

A burden of endless sorrow


Clouds of granite lend

Wings to distant thunder

Where memories find

Bronze tainted leaves


Swollen decaying land

Furnace glowing crimson

As lonely hearts bond


Misty opal encroaching haze

Burnt candles left to stand

Forgetting summers golden glow

Rust creeps into every mind

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Iron rips into flesh

Crimson streams seep in gushing agony

Intense pain


Hate driven home

Elevated for every eye to see

Sins wounds

Crimson atonement

Eternal redemption

The predestined sacrifice

Bleeding in wraths rivers

Crushed for my rebellion

And for my reconciliation


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Deep dark ash

Soot-stained sleepers

Once proud timbers

Tasted the sweet acid kiss


True and straight

Fashioned with pain

Pounded through grit


Each splintered edge

Piercing my skin

Hedging my path


Monument of age

Vision of the past

Soot-stained sleepers

Deep dark ash

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Look at the murderous light

Such unforgiving flint

Where eyes stare

And hearts rust

Paid in grains of sand

For arrows fly

Heavy as stone

Glistening in the suns glare

Piercing the empty tree.

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These hands catch my tears

These hands who knew no sin



Ruptured veins

Anchored with nails

These arms hold my joy

These arms welcome me home

For all the lost

To embrace

This love knows the wait is over

This love sings the song of mercy.

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I came to the razor’s edge

I felt the softness of your breath

Swirling. ebbing, tide,

Beyond blackness

Rivers of violent creation

This velvet ice of silent streets.


I came to offer tears of unity

In shafts of glowing light

Before exposed desire

Shards of shadows

Rippling mirrors of silver eyes

Sinking deep into black satin sheets.


I came to pay

Forgive me

And as the rhythm of rain

Pulsed tumbling expectations

For wisdom was kept for another day

When we embraced secret dreams.



Written for Poets United

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Golden from the light of the courtyard

Shinning in the face of time

No silence explains

No faceless words

Inherited in fierce hearts

We shade our eyes

And release the sun.


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It is a whispered space

My marble vigil

Where sunlight’s shadows dance

On empty stone cloisters

An angel waits transfixed on a walled garden

And I shift effortlessly into summer

Under a doomed roof

She cries bathed in soft air

What does she see?

Staring from forlorn eyes

Scribbling hands with pure intention

Tears fall on the soft, caramel carpet

For it is time

To depart this whispered space.

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