Endless Autumn

Scarlet tears float

On a biting icy breeze

Drops of sorrow

Kiss soft hearts.


A choir of angels

In a symphony of fate

Sing a hurricane of praise

In drifting desolation


But  I cannot make you love me.



My plea

To end

Autumns torment.


Crumpled petals

Under my feet


Golden leaves


But  I cannot make you love me.


End this torment

Ruin me

Let me suffer

Winters chill.


Written for Poetry Jam

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4 Responses to Endless Autumn

  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful wordings in this poem which conveys your feelings so very well. I like especially:

    Crumpled petals

    Under my feet


    Golden leaves

    And the repetitions you used are very effective in deepening the feelings you express. Fine writing all around.

    Here is my poem to this..hope you will visit. And thanks for linking with Poetry Jam.


  2. peggygoetz says:

    Lovely seasons poem and a really striking photo as well. The sentiment in this poem is so very real–the desire to get on to winter’s chill! Thanks for posting!!

  3. Drops of sorrow kiss soft hearts…. Beautiful. But, I cannot make you love me. So true, love has to be given freely or, it’s never going to endure. This is sad, gentle, beautiful in imagery.

  4. dani says:


    thank you so much for participating at Poetry Jam!

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