You laugh at me

At my living hell

My painted tears

False portrayal


It is all an act

Just pretend

Behind the smile

All is well


An illusion

Coloured  by


Out of character

Ridiculous clown


You admire me

At my fearless act

My loveless whip

Lion tamer


It is all by force

Not love

Behind the cage

Kept by fear



By conquest


Through power

Fear tamer


You adore me

High on the wire

One step at a time

High wire girl


There is no room for error

I cannot slip

If I crash

Shattered dreams




On the net

To catch me


Here is the crowd

In a dusty tent

Watching the show

All for your enjoyment


You the spectator

Filled with excitement

Full of admiration



Time to wake up.


Written for Poetry Jam

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8 Responses to Circus

  1. brian miller says:

    its all by force, not by love….that line is enough for me…and is a hard reality…nice hard stop on the time to wake up in the end as well…it grabs the attention…

  2. David King says:

    I have to go along with Brian. That was the line that took me by the collar. Impressive write.

  3. Mary says:

    I enjoyed this. You took the theme so many different places. And it does not seem to me like the ‘circus’ is a very happy place.

  4. Helen Dehner says:

    This is * amazing * poetry!!!

  5. alan1704 says:

    Thank you for your comments, i tried to capture the feeling that everything in life is hidden in masks and behind acts, we are often the unknowing spectators to others skilfully played out acts. Including my own! I found it all very challenging and soul searching.

  6. danadampier says:

    It has become quite common to hide behind a smile, to hide behind good deeds and kind words when so many of us are actually burning inside.

  7. peggygoetz says:

    Yes, so many things hidden behind the masks of life–and we even have masks we wear with ourselves. Watching performance does bring all that to mind.

  8. dani says:

    i really like your interpretation of the prompt!

    thank you for joining in at Poetry Jam!

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