Vacant space

Echoes split endless void

Worlds untouched by light

Golden fire consumes aching shadows

Whispered words divides crystal oceans

Mountains exalted among chariots of praise

Banks of flowers kissed by heavens dew

Morning blossoms herald a glorious day

Stillness in the air

It is finished



Written for Sunday Scribblings

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6 Responses to Silence

  1. oldegg says:

    You can appreciate little with noise around you but in silence beauty abounds. We need words like yours to sit back and ponder the pleasures in life.

  2. josie2shoes says:

    What a beautifully written anthem of creation!

  3. Rinkly Rimes says:

    I too ‘saw’ creation, you described the act so well.

  4. dani says:

    i love the journey from chaos to silence! wonderful!

  5. alan1704 says:

    Thank you, i love writing about creation

Thank you for reading my poems. Please don't feel you have to comment. I enjoyed writing them, I hope you enjoyed reading them, Be blessed.

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