Lighthouse by Red Dirt Girl

Poets United asked us to select a poem or poems that we felt were a gift.  Then link it here, so it can share this gift with others.  It can be a poem that spoke to you directly, or maybe it made you gasp-it was so beautiful or unique.   Maybe it was a poem or poems that you feel would please others.

I selected ‘Lighthouse by Red Dirt Girl’. I think of all the poems I’ve read this poem has had a unique influence on me. It inspired me to start writing again and I love the style that RDG uses. Please visit her website poetry at you will find some beautiful poetry


The Keeper waits at the edge of the world,

as he knots his nets of starlight and air.

He watches and works and waits for the girl.

The one who charts the edge of this world.


Skating the edge, sharp bladed, she swirls.

He hears in her movement the breath of despair.

She makes her last turn and launches, midair

into madness

her sanity unfurls

into madness

her lunatic plunge.


Universe explodes pierced by radiant nets.

His scarred hands unfurl in their shattering pain.

The Keeper waits at the edge of the world.

Waiting, tear stained, for the girl.


Through space

starlight rushes.

She plummets



Will star nets contain her?

Suspended, she cries.


How will I chart the edge of this world

now that I’ve fallen off?


By Red Dirt Girl

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6 Responses to Lighthouse by Red Dirt Girl

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    Thank you for posting this BEAUTIFUL poem! I had not encountered this poet in my travels, and am very happy to have found her. Very beautiful writing, with great impact.

  2. What a gorgeous piece! Thank you! I am on my way to her site now

  3. Ella says:

    I so love the edges and the guided imagery of this poem~ It is amazing 😀
    Thank you for sharing! I too am happy to discover this talent~

  4. Mary says:

    This is beautiful….and how nice that this poem was the one that started you writing once more.

  5. Oh Alan, you’ve given me the best Christmas gift — a kindred soul who prays for my own…. And, with all these wonderful comments, I’m feeling a renewed desire to attempt wordsmithing again.

    Thank you so much for choosing one of my poems. I am deeply honored and even more humbled by it. I never realized my words could impact others.

    Many Christmas blessings to you and your family.


  6. Alan,

    A wonderful poem with very inspiring words. Nice to find and be introduced to as well.


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