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Everything was made of ice Frozen islands White horizons Deep cold chill descending Crystal treasure Endless light Silent peace forever. Turn me back to ice Smooth Placid Fragile Under a blanket of snow Melting in the water Icy chill Timeless … Continue reading

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The Swift

I look through the window I see the open world A golden glorious creation Abundant garden of heaven.  ———– Above in the crystal sky Soaring with eternity’s angels Tasting the morning sun Flying into vibrant light. ———- Set me free … Continue reading

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Crimson Stream

Elevation of grace Bruised in flesh Love perfected Within human weakness Temptation. Appetites and desires, Anger and grief, Hunger and pain, Suffering and obedience He knows our weakness With open veins Crimson stream Sympathize.  

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It’s Not Too Late

It’s not too late To take the plunge Make the decision Change your perspective Lose the guilt Laugh out loud Cry in public Hold your tongue ———– It’s not too late To look and wonder Ask the questions Seek the … Continue reading

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Third Station

He fell Paralyzing pain Experiencing our weakness Abandoned Unable to stand Enveloped in the struggle Brutal treatment Helpless Shouldering the weight Stricken with affliction Desolate moments From earthly dirt And human fallibility Exhausted

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Moment by moment Relentless the melody held inside Unnoticed the place of isolation Softly beckons me to come and abide A quickening of glory A sudden expectation Imprisoned Sometimes I feel it Aware Of my mortality Every beat Every breath … Continue reading

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Keep your temper, Don’t hold a grudge, Make sure you divert your eyes, Avoid compromising situations, Be a man of integrity, Careful not to brag about your life. ———– Accountability Be honest Never tell a lie.  ———– You can do … Continue reading

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The Fence

Are you listening? Over the fence I’ve asked before. ——— God, are you there? Behind the fence Hiding from me. ———– I’m sure you are there, Close to the fence Near to me.  ———– I can’t see you, Hid by … Continue reading

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I don’t feel like Playing the game Just giving in Accepting my fate. ——— I feel like I want to Shout! Scream! In the middle of the road Bring everything to a halt. ——— I don’t feel like Taking it … Continue reading

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Crimson Wrath

A quarry of wrath Scarred in stone Entangled justice Demands a price Sacrifice. Infinite worth Satisfies the holy curse Heavens adored Crimson wrath Absorbed.  

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