Remember when……..

My heart dreamt of far horizons

Fragile moments caught in black and white

Of how we used to be

Surprised smiles.

Focused on the right intention

With tender eyes wide open

Watching our children grow

Drifting down life’s transience stream.


Mumbling words

Waiting for every prayer

A voice that will answer.


Beneath the depths of tunnelled pain

Patience pierces the soul

Unseen by me

Uncharted oceans pair together

In life’s vacant expanse

I hear the salutation

The greeting of the captured moment

“Don’t look back!”


 Written for Poets United and Three Words Wednesday

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1 Response to Reflections

  1. Our family has an album that looks exactly line the one in your picture. A lot of those albums were sold with a contract for annual family pictures. I can’t help but wonder how many of them are out there. I must admit that I enjoy looking back through ours.

    Nice use of this weeks words.

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