Walk Outside


Walk outside

Through the door

Into the unknown

Into the silence


Uncharted sky

Desolate shore

Omnipotent Ocean

Uncertain moor


Step outside

Get out of my way

I can’t wait any longer

Hold my breath


Just get away

Shut the door

Forget the danger

Time to explore


Taste eternity

Chase tomorrow


Written for Poetry Jam

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11 Responses to Walk Outside

  1. Kelvin S.M. says:

    …forget the danger and just enjoy life… for danger is an inherent state or condition we cannot control… we can only avoid but the more we do so the more we engage our self to it… so better yet enjoy…. and live free… and trusting… smiles…

  2. brian miller says:

    forget the danger…there is risk in everything isnt there….and with it danger…i would much rather live in it than deny it and have it get me anyway….

  3. Mary says:

    I like this. Forgetting that danger ‘inside’ and going forward into nature outside…and it is so invigorating, isn’t it, when one first steps OUTSIDE! Glad to see you here.

  4. Sara v says:

    A truly beautiful poem. I read it a few times because the words were so lovely and made my heart happy 🙂

  5. kaykuala says:

    Just be brave and with ‘time to explore” One would want to see what’s been the changes to one’s life after a while. It may help to create a relationship, perhaps! Nicely Alan!


  6. Susan says:

    We would miss so much if we curled up to the danger that is life … it IS best to hold your breath and jump in with both feet and eyes wide open … wonderful poem! Spare form that has well chosen words and great placement …

  7. peggygoetz says:

    Yes there is always danger and sometimes we just can’t wait any longer–need to get out and try life!

    Mary asked that you please check your spam folder as she thinks her comments go there when she sends them to you.

  8. Myrna says:

    Your poem is so true. We can’t live life in fear.

  9. Helen Dehner says:

    A great recipe for living life to the fullest …. love it!!

  10. Great poetry I love the words that you used. I have ideas but do not always get them in any form that can be called poetry. You said very well what I was thinking!

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