A Hidden Secret



Your words

Crafted with love

Held in my hand

Brushstrokes painted with devoted affection

Intimate message filled with passionate protection

A thrilling tapestry woven with entwined strands

A hidden secret of endless pleasures

Filled with eternal heart treasures

Boundless joy, goodness alive

Embracing overflowing life

Absolute favour



Written for Theme Thursday

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2 Responses to A Hidden Secret

  1. mrsupole says:

    I think we sometimes forget that words truly are an art form and so much more. And sometimes I wonder if it will be lost forever as so many words have been lost to their lack of use. Are we slowly being reduced to thinking in such tiny word bites such as twitter and Facebook to where all our thoughts are written down in just a few sentences. Are the young people of today thinking in one letter as a word instead of being able to spell the word out using all of it’s letters. I even see some of us using it. What confuses me the most is the use of the “BTW” abbreviation. When I see this I just want to shout out to the person, DUH, we can see that you are back to writing because you are writing some more. I honestly cannot think of a more wasteful three letter abbreviation.

    I also like how you have the picture that shows the lettering being painted as an artist would paint a picture. I do not think that I would be able to paint what I was writing at all. Truly a special skill that very few of us today possess. Although I do like to do Calligraphy when I get a chance of which today is very rare indeed.

    Thank you so much for sharing such a special poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you are a joyful filled weekend with lots of fun things to do.

    God bless.

  2. alan1704 says:

    Thank you, every letter we write is in its own way special

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