Crimson Perspective



Into Christ

Radiant infiltrating light

Presence illuminating perfect prism

Vision heralding graces permanent arrival

Glory shards present victories crimson perspective

Passionate beauty shared within this earthly portal

Immersed into Christ, glorious radiant pure illuminating light.


Written during worship at Kings Church, Eastbourne (10th February 2013)


Written and Submitted to Sunday Scribblings

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4 Responses to Crimson Perspective

  1. gs batty says:

    very nice for a Sunday morning but now i feel a little guilty that I’m here and not at church…ok, I’ll go later.

  2. Old Egg says:

    Dare I surmise that the sermon was boring so you were able to quietly bask in awe and admiration of your surroundings and satisfy your urge to acknowledge that in some way. Churches can be inspiring.

  3. After reading this, I think I’ll do some writing during church! This piece was both inspiring and illuminating!

  4. alan1704 says:

    Thanks, sometimes just to stop and breathe in the presense of God is all you need.

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