Feeding Ducks

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Throw the bread

High into the air

Wait for the rush

For them to appear


Wings flapping

Beaks snapping






Throw the bread

This is fun

Now spot the





The ones we’ve overlooked


Throw the bread

Feed every one

Try to be fair

Each gets a share


Written for dverse – Open link Night


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5 Responses to Feeding Ducks

  1. brian miller says:

    when my boys were young there was a park we went to and had such fun feeding hte ducks…we would get up on the tables because there were so many of them…

  2. Kim or Lisa says:

    I might be loving this because I love ducks, but I can also relate because I would do the same where I would throw the food at the weaker birds. I liked the pacing of this poem and it captured the scene well.

  3. Love this. Brings some memories to mind. I love the way this reads.

  4. claudia says:

    nice…having an eye on them that are weak and not quick enough to keep pace with the others…being fair…a good thing..

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