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A Perfect Morning

A perfect morning Golden dawn Crystal bright air Strange stillness Eternity ancient grandeur Resonate through creation The divine majesty Dances in exuberant triumph Overflowing exhilarated glory.  ———- Death’s cold chill Forever cancelled Baptized in a crimson cascade Endless fullness Mercy … Continue reading

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Good Friday

The sky moaned Darkness shadow fell  Light turned away All was shaken ——— Soldiers feared As angels chanted Their songs of anguish All was forsaken ———- Blood sprayed From torn veins Across rough wood All was immersed ———- The nails … Continue reading

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Crimson Nectar

In earth bound vessels Frail viewers missing the point Solemn beats Float towards eternity Peirce through misconceptions  ———– Enriched in stars Share in the resplendent burden Exhilarated union Release the soul from this inhibiting pen Flashes of beauty now rise … Continue reading

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Crimson Union

Holy Made perfect Thorough his suffering Christ, our Passover lamb Cleansed from sins evil stain Now seated above in heavenly places Joined in crimson union eternally made secure Holy, righteous, forgiven cemented in God’s abundant grace.  

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No Tomorrow

Touch me again With your power As you did As you do Ignite a reaction Allow me to burn  ———- A caress charged with tenderness and beauty Intimate desires awaken by a velvet kiss. ——— I should have been warned … Continue reading

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Lies and Truth

  Lies hide in the small things The whisper that assails the soul Inclinations of a degraded heart Memories of a father’s rejection A doctors comforting wisdom Haunting steps of a unknown stranger The fatalistic doom of the news reporter … Continue reading

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Every Day

I breathe My heart beats Blood flows through my veins  ———– The wind bites my face The sun warms my skin The rain covers me in coldness ———– I feel the same pain I cry the same tears I am … Continue reading

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There was a moment When glory and love Intertwined Suspended in time Flooded the void With waves of grace Danced through the chaos Danced to the sound of life Danced with the spirit And the rhythm of embrace And vibrations … Continue reading

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Crimson Covenant

Securely set apart Safely held and kept Guarantee once purchased Crimson covenant. ——– Spirit in the heart Written in letters of love Miracle of grace Beautiful exchange  ——– New life created Heaven on the inside Living with certain hope Glory … Continue reading

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They laugh at me Always The angel With her stone eyes Granite smile All that was Hidden in a Hollow cross They wait for me Shapes A solemn maze Dark shadows Names etched in time All that is Raised expectation … Continue reading

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