A Moment

All Potted

A second

To fragment the rock

Take the chisel and chip away

Split the oppressive granite into lethal black shards

Always awake


A day

To take a bath

Wash away the dirt that clings

Worry embedded into the elbows of chocking fret

Patiently cleansed.


A moment

To smell the perfume

Taste the sweet peach of pain

Gaze at the undulating reflection in the water

Senses awake


 A heartbeat

To connect into eternity

Reach deep into the divine river

With open palms receive the pure unadulterated air

Lovingly cleansed


Written for Sunday Scribbling and Poets United – Poetry Pantry

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9 Responses to A Moment

  1. Mary says:

    Alan, these are all very nice. They feel meditative to me. Each dealing with a segment of time. And more. My favorite is the last one. The connection, the open palm, and the cleansing! You work this form masterfully.

  2. Each lulls you more. Nice one.

  3. nan says:

    beautiful, each stanza, each moment.

  4. you give good examples of living in the moment, zen-like and serene.


  5. I like the form. It has the effect builing up to a climax which is reached in the last verse in each stanza.

  6. oldegg says:

    There is something quite magical about the line “Worry embedded into the elbows of chocking fret”. I hope the bath eased those those worries, they sounded hard to remove!

  7. Berowne says:

    Taste the sweet peach of pain… Nice writing.

  8. totomai says:

    these are precious moments. each one should appreciate it – it has a very oriental feel

  9. Akila says:

    A moment to introspect, retrospect, realise, appreciate….. wonderful lines!! the built of the thought process with increasign words to summarise into a few..loved the pattern and the verses

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