They laugh at me


The angel

With her stone eyes

Granite smile

All that was

Hidden in a

Hollow cross

They wait for me


A solemn maze

Dark shadows

Names etched in time

All that is

Raised expectation

Lonely dress

They stare at me


Silently rejoicing

Calling me across

I cannot listen

It’s time to pass

Look beyond

Into clear skies


Written for Theme Thursday

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5 Responses to Angel

  1. Wow. I really enjoyed this. From the angel’s perspective–very interesting read.

  2. Mary says:

    Looking beyond is sometimes the best option, especially when there are clear skies.

  3. Beautifully done. Always best to find clarity in clear skies.

  4. mrsupole says:

    Yes, this is an interesting perspective and I like how you wrote it. Sometimes when I see old things I wonder about how they looked when they were brand new. It is almost like looking at pictures of us when we were young and now to see ourselves as we have grown older. I think that things are lucky in that they can be restored sometimes to their former glory or at least near to it, but we alas cannot. We have to accept the fact that we change and there is no going back. So it is good to always look forward.

    Thanks for sharing such an interesting poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a weekend that is renewing for your thoughts and energy.

    God bless.

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