I’m Sorry


I’m sorry

I hurt you

I didn’t mean

To make

You cry

I’m sorry

I said it

The words just

Came out


I’m sorry

I should have realized

Put my mouth

In gear



I’m sorry


But your bum did look big in it!


Written for Sunday Scribblings & Poets United – Poetry Pantry

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21 Responses to I’m Sorry

  1. jinksy says:

    Sometimes a white lie helps?! lol

  2. abichica says:

    lol, it really does help to tell a lil white lie sometimes.. 😀

  3. Oooo….courageous Minister!

  4. Very funny! Maybe you’ve learned a lesson here?!

  5. oldegg says:

    It is at times like these that you must comment on the colour not the bum. Any comment on the former will be dismissed as ignorance, on the latter criticism.

  6. aprille says:

    Not quite that sorry then 🙂

  7. Sherry Marr says:

    Ouch! As Aprille says, not THAT sorry. Did the apology help?

  8. Sara v says:

    Alan, I shouldn’t laugh, but I couldn’t help myself. That’s one question you should never answer in the affirmative lol 🙂

  9. Berowne says:

    Slick, nimble and quite enjoyable…

  10. gs batty says:

    Old Grizz roared at this one…a great way to get in trouble

  11. Grace says:

    Very funny Alan ~ Have a good week ~ Smiles ~

  12. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Oh, naughty! You had me feeling all sympathetic – until the ending.

  13. Lisa says:

    Lol! Actually quite humorous! I personally would wont to be told the truth if “my bum looked big” in something.

  14. There are certain things that can never be forgiven…in future remember,the woman in your life never has a big bum!LOL

  15. aka_andrea says:

    never ask the question you don’t want the answers to…

  16. alan1704 says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I only made this mistake once, a long time ago. When i read this to my wife she smiled and laughed. She knows me too well. The lesson i leaned was put your brain in gear before you open your mouth.

  17. Stormcat says:

    Really enjoyed this. Thanks

  18. Hi, Alan. Nice, and clean format. And I love the punch line at the end -pun intended. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and liking “I Pinch Myself”

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