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Mary of Bethany

I saw her I gazed into her eyes And looked and loved and listened As she poured, through teary eyes, The golden nectar of passion, Sweet with perfume A river rich in sorrow Through strands of tumbling hair A precious … Continue reading

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Fiery Furnace

I’m not saying I don’t care In the moment of the telling In a way that’s fairer The heat of your words. Inhabited in the consuming furnace Impossible the transparent breath That burns up this small, fierce heart, To reveal … Continue reading

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A life full of riches A future full of glory ——— For the glorious heart of love ———– For the wonderful secret Mystery hidden for ages And now revealed ——— For the expectation of glory Radiating his presence And Christ … Continue reading

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Accept these words Crafted in tears Written with scars Washed by blood. On a canvas of regret Letters become art Hearts taste beauty Everything sold for the pearl of a great price. Open my veins Feel the grief The honesty … Continue reading

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The Wasp

His only thought was pleasure To fly To pollinate To live a peaceful life On the breeze From flower to flower Living free Enjoying being a wasp ———– But now he was in trouble ———— It looked So inviting So … Continue reading

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Heavenly Flaming beauty Place of glory Paid with blood completely ————– Awe Everlasting grace New creation temple Righteous holy dwelling place  ————- Light Shines confident Because of Christ Mysterious union made radiant  ———— His life authentic in me. ————- Written … Continue reading

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At The Park

Zip across the zip wire Flying with the wind Feel the rush of excitement Leave the world behind.  ———— Swing up towards heaven High up in the sky Touch the clouds of freedom Leave the world behind.  ———— Slide down … Continue reading

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