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Crooked Moment

Here by accident without a clue, full of fright she just walks away. —————— Written for Haiku Heights Advertisements

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The Empty Table

The woman in front Snatched the sugar A great handful of golden sachets Dangling on her emerald tray Rushing towards a table, an empty table, The only table, then an elderly man Rushed from the doorway, and spotted the table … Continue reading

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It was a relief the final page of the book those last sunlit days ——— Written for Haiku Heights

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Serenaded moon Kissed, hugged silent silver dream Sleeps now with the dawn. ———– Written for Haiku Heights  

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Pure Divine gold fire Hammered, beaten sacrifice Holy Atonement ———— Written for Haiku Heights

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The Door

Light drops from hidden darkness It is bright, draws me perhaps to stare Its whisper tantalizes deep within Its silence entices me. That beacon, that brightness, guide in a glade of shade, a heavenly star, Is unmistakable And at the … Continue reading

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A blackbird sings out His voice breaks Surrounded by branches Hidden… Not really. A tree drops a leaf Floats away to freedom Butterflies flutter off. My eyes quiet and still Fall into a mischievous trance Life and health Fill the … Continue reading

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With everything offered Anticipation From the fountain of desire My heart longs For the promised dream.   Taste The sweet cup Of forgiveness Over possibility As I savor the rich nectar.   Every mouthful, breaking crumb Every drop from your … Continue reading

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There were footprints in the clouds That split through a sapphire heaven That lit the firmament in rising flames And consumed where darkness triumphed, Where time and dust kissed in vain And held each other in respected awe. —– There … Continue reading

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 I wanted you to know my joy Not just a touch of it To feel the sun, because pain will destroy More than love can reach, a glance Towards the Father’s palace, Yet when the night is past to now … Continue reading

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