The Soup


Peaceful emerald sea

Oceans cling together

Thick with the sound of danger.


Spirit is the source

Born from nothingness

From the first moment blossoms.


Silently she breathes

Slowly grows older

Unafraid of its completion.


Let it become cold

It will not matter

That nowhere is now anywhere.


Peaceful emerald sea

Created element

Now becomes life’s safe dwelling


Written for Theme Thursday

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3 Responses to The Soup

  1. Mary says:

    There is a sense of peacefulness in this poem, Alan. I can see and feel ‘the peaceful emerald sea.’

  2. Yes, they are very peaceful but there is a feel of loneliness that I could touch through your words. Beautiful.

  3. Gabriella says:

    I enjoyed the very serene atmosphere of your poem! I like the idea of spirit being born from nothingness.

Thank you for reading my poems. Please don't feel you have to comment. I enjoyed writing them, I hope you enjoyed reading them, Be blessed.

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