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The Hermitage

A sanctuary in the dark, hidden delight, The treasure of every explorer Yellow and golden, Stands proudly against the green leaves and there erect in the breeze Before the glorious sunset. —– Across the park beyond, lamented rose beds The … Continue reading

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Words Are Bandages

Hear the voice In the wonder of the firmament Miles away once shrouded in mist Standing just outside the door Jumping up and down Left in mid-air Left to wander Into the parking lot, have you forgotten me? —– Follow … Continue reading

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In the Mirror

The child was last seen In the hopes of the extraordinary Wondering at the lost reflection. Blue freezing cry Red from the light The moment can never be made up, Shed your tears now, It will save time later, For … Continue reading

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  Dragons of smoke, that earthward drift Harmless, helpless, rise as breath’s cloak Between mountains, rich, sacred gift Dragons of smoke.  —– Killing winds passion, life awoke Oozed from the wounds, thunderous shift Gathered reflections, white fire choke  —— Livid … Continue reading

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Haiku – Soft

Suggestive curtain Unassailable comfort Touch of the needle

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Haiku – Flood

Colossal bronze cry Swollen light aches dominate Sip furious sky

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Haiku – Flowers

Moments that still burst Evaporate breath obscures each hope announce life.  

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I strive to embrace country crossroads The signpost dominates dark windows Arrest my heart Demolish these solid walls For a thousand years Stark dreams on the horizon. —– I dive into wasted orbs The heartbeat generated to race Lonely poppies … Continue reading

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How much longer must I sit Here, silent. Looking at you across the lake, Examining the waves, the sky, the water, Watching you come towards me, Your open arms, A prisoner to stubborn doubt. There is safety in the shadows, … Continue reading

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Refrigerator Temptation

Calm and cold, hides the splendor freezing Kingdom’s treasure now contained within Succulent pleasure taste buds pleasing Ice-cream delight, overwhelming sin. ——– Coveting eyes, forever teasing Wonder if I will ever be thin Crawling inside, guilt at last easing Discover … Continue reading

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