Cluster – #Haiku

Bramble, wire

and overhanging branch.

All summer days.

(Summer brings many beautiful days, wonderful moments, but also gives a chance for weeds and obstacles to grow and flourish. Grace has provided all we need to live in the summer of God’s goodness and we can enjoy the wonderful provision of God as we fix our eyes on Christ and away from the lies and deceit of the world. Effortless wonder is ours just be careful not to let the weeds take root and rob us of all that we have been freely given).  

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1 Response to Cluster – #Haiku

  1. Brian Miller says:

    honeysuckle & lake water,
    lazing by the banks
    even mosquitos in moderation


Thank you for reading my poems. Please don't feel you have to comment. I enjoyed writing them, I hope you enjoyed reading them, Be blessed.

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