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Red Sky

Red sky at night shepherd’s delight Dragons and wolves Rumours of wings Dispel the light Violet and mauve Dark amethyst Cold rain shadows In a sanctuary of darkness Listening As a drizzle of petals On opal white apple trees Kiss … Continue reading

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Show Me The Mountain

Show me the mountain Of perfect love Where mysteries are revealed On maps of discovered grace Free from all malice All grief All guile All judgment Where white cliffs Crumble and fall Under a kind kingdom With a majestic King … Continue reading

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Heading for a raven sun In the heart of a diamond day Like shattered glass it shone Blood thunder Unassailable territory Deadwood Sip a vial of perfume Like ice it burns my throat On a trail by the shore of … Continue reading

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If I were in paradise Discover The moment of ecstasy Deliciously dreaming Struggled and screaming Unweeping Unsleeping Fleeting and fated Sudden shape scream Unconverted Hard-hearted Unaware Fear lingers The winter night long What can restore The joy of the summer … Continue reading

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The buds are metal Amidst the bramble Beneath the Hawthorn trees Soft in the summer rain Love’s tangled web As black clouds gather Struggle Like thunder Its flash strikes me down. — Warm crystal tears Brush stagnant glades Blesses the … Continue reading

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A Season of Lilac.

A season of lilac Colours of sky and day Amethyst dawn Crimson violets and snapdragons Knee deep lavender Scent on my fingertips Drizzle of spring In a field of butterflies and honey scented buddleias A swift glides on a whisper … Continue reading

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A Whisper From The Cellar.

Magpies smashing windscreens Lapping up night from the gutter Somewhere dark and moist Good books and daily bread A woman confesses sins For cheap clothes suit all. In black and white Two cardinals sing In the calm of the storm … Continue reading

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The Blank Wall

I turn my face to the blank wall Molten amber fills the morning Red and yellow paint on wooden chairs Blisters in the heat into soft bubbles Round my feet pretending to twirl. In the small thick hours The gift … Continue reading

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Home Run

Soar Upwards Blazing into flames In sudden shattering brightness Disappearing into the sound of danger Reaching past cheering whitebeams Stealing the free light Epic Strike ——- Written for Poetry Jam

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My Wolseley Hornet

Exhaust fumes belching Sputtering, muttering, creaking, Stiff as chrome bumpers Hammered down and moulded to fit Shinning in the sun.   My carburettor valves are clogged My capacity’s fed to the full And my walnut finish, just needs repair My … Continue reading

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