A Season of Lilac.


A season of lilac

Colours of sky and day

Amethyst dawn

Crimson violets and snapdragons

Knee deep lavender

Scent on my fingertips

Drizzle of spring

In a field of butterflies and honey scented buddleias

A swift glides on a whisper of expectation

As the season heals

With days of bloom and rumours of ascension.

Lemon petals

Dance like sapphires

In this fluttering moment

Meadow of blossom.


Written for Poetry Jam

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8 Responses to A Season of Lilac.

  1. vandana says:

    ah!!! the fragrance of spring lnigers on…………………..

  2. brian miller says:

    amethyst dawn…cool use of color…
    have walked through fields of lavender as well
    scent overpowering…i feel freedom in your words alan

  3. Sumana Roy says:

    true gems of spring and so beautifully fragrant and colored…and that’s the spirit of spring

  4. Mary says:

    I loved all of the details of spring you included in your poem, Alan. Like ‘dance like sapphires.’ Happy Easter, Alan.

  5. peggygoetz says:

    What a wonderful idea–season of lilac. Loved all the color details in this description of spring–which I hope is upon you — tho I recall snow in April when we lived in the Netherlands.

  6. Gabriella says:

    Lilac are just synonymous with spring. What beautiful colors you have evoked for us, Alan! Your spring looks very much like mine.

  7. susan says:

    I can close my eyes and , thinking on your words, place myself out in that lavender and purple riot of bloom and feel warm sunshine and the brush of bees flitting from bloom to bloom …. beautiful work this week!

  8. Beautiful technicoloured images that conjure up the season wonderfully well. I enjoyed reading this.

Thank you for reading my poems. Please don't feel you have to comment. I enjoyed writing them, I hope you enjoyed reading them, Be blessed.

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