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For Nick.

Let me sit Feel the stillness In the silence Let the memory of our youth And your presence Calm and perfect Fill this ache of isolation Remembering summer Strawberry days Thick caramel conversations Where you would speak your mind Clear … Continue reading

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Silent Armchair

Silent armchair No warning given Tired and confused Slept the weekend through Long hours to remember Somethings that should be forgotten.  — Living for Sunday Whispered hopeful prayers In a poem set to music Every last moment Is shepherded through … Continue reading

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Into the furnace Create the vibration of hope And a sweet clear note of possibility As molten dioptase crystals from loosed clustered prisms Kiss cherished emerald alluvial veins protesting the aroma of shattered anthems As the red fire demands Sorrowing … Continue reading

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The rain is cold Veiled stars Violet lights Flint diamonds Beautiful cracks in time Will wake Will hold Will enter Will herald the dawn Crimson hearts Broken and rescued Healed Restored In the merciful rain — Written for Poetry Jam

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Spirit This light Subtle wine Crimson whisper Words perceived on the prism of adoration.

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Tonight I talked in the pub with Brian Of summers playing cricket as lads Of shouting preachers on God TV Of internet discussion Of body, soul and spirit Of ying and yang Of  premiership predictions Of days of laughter Of … Continue reading

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Words Recall Elusive truth And down the years Between the time of age from youth A crimson journey from eternal realms Where love is shared Grace given Bestowing Joy

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Purple Dahlia

Purple dahlia Crying tears Petals are thieves Stealing the sunlight On a calm beautiful sunset Where breath smooth’s over fields Of harboured passion For I believed Crying tears Purple dahlia. — Written for Theme Thursday

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Ferris Wheel

I wander within this darkness melt in the warm blistering night immersed into the vibrant violet life I can pick out the rhythms, For I learned how to dance, in the middle of it, in the life of it, awakening … Continue reading

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Swifts and swallows Writing out legend In blue air As rain moves east For blossom on shoulders In a garden of lavender and fuchsias Singing blackbirds Kiss the wishing well Let the spirit answer Let it become a river Crystal … Continue reading

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