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No tear-drop in my eye On this path of life Towards this chamber Serest passage of loneliness Cold and hollow As light wrestles dark No sadness in my heart Flakes of silence Hold my spirit In the empty space Feel … Continue reading

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Single tenor bell Heavy carriage wheels Drops of mahogany rain hide melancholy and doubt in the slumbering calm — ~Sweet scent after all the tears~ — The healing hand offered out As silence through the streets For this heart craves … Continue reading

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Pulsating Hypnotizing Rage Dancing damson embers To the hollow core Suffering change Strawberries, raspberries, Crushed In barbed wire A world of bliss, Torn by a volley of comets Strike and seize The vine Divine wine Crimson stain Wounded and healed … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Lost Exhile Searching Swirling mist In crackling dust Stars first violet light Inescapable twilight Message of embracing pure love Crimson last sunset Found and rescued The legend The names Treasured Restored Kept — Written for Poetry Jam

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The Moon

Solemn Thoughts of you Who commands the night And the dawn of loneliness When truth has flown Exhausted Bereaved Time promotes Perfect love In the stillness I construct a window My eyes to heaven With shafts of silver light Calm … Continue reading

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