The Moon



Thoughts of you

Who commands the night

And the dawn of loneliness

When truth has flown



Time promotes

Perfect love

In the stillness

I construct a window

My eyes to heaven

With shafts of silver light

Calm and senseless

Amongst your dreams I still hear sighs

And in the distant sound

Where air is paused

And senses scraped bare

In visions of the future

And treasures of the past

My spirit is renewed.

Written for Poetry Jam

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16 Responses to The Moon

  1. Gabriella says:

    A lot of beautiful lines in your poem, Alan. I particularly like “Time promotes / Perfect love” and the three closing lines. Indeed we need to accept the past and keep looking onward to be reborn.

  2. Mary says:

    Though it is sad when one feels exhausted and renewed, It is wonderful when something happens to renew one’s spirit. Your poem expresses that to me.

  3. brian miller says:

    lovely imagery man…that moon calls us all in many different ways…some to love…others to memory…it is good to feel renewed…

  4. peggygoetz says:

    I like all the moon imagery in this and the descriptive words. Thanks for a good prompt.

  5. Donna Smith says:

    Lots to love here!

    “In the stillness
    I construct a window
    My eyes to heaven”

  6. Wendy Bourke says:

    A beautiful palette of words that reads so softly – like a rustling hush, in the night.

  7. Sherry Marr says:

    I so relate to the fatigue and love the ending “I feel renewed.”

  8. Sumana Roy says:

    some great truths revealed here…i like “Time promotes / Perfect love” and it’s a comforting feel when the past becomes a treasure and the future is within view…beautiful lines…

  9. vandana says:

    🙂 The moon fills us with hope and love!!

  10. Helen says:

    … sigh …..

    Lovely challenge, Alan.

  11. Justin Lamb says:

    This is great! I really like the moment you captured, the stillness and reflection. Well done.

  12. “Senses scraped bare” — a beautifully crafted line as is the rest of your poem.

  13. Imelda says:

    I like the part “I construct a window”, it’s like opening a soul to communication with someone higher and beyond the self.

  14. Starralee says:

    Oh this is pure loveliness–so many great phrases to choose from, but I especially love, “shafts of silver light”, and “where air is paused”. Very wonderful poem.

  15. arathi says:

    In the vision of future and the treasure of past….I liked it very much..:)

  16. Okelle says:

    who commands the light / and the dawn of loneliness

    are lovely lines

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