Abandoned House

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Balanced on a staircase

Shattered portraits

Creak apart

Empty walls

Cold and quiet

Painted rails

Grey and bleeding

On marble floors

Silent as ghosts

Voices held in a prison

Remorseless melody

Of watching misery

Opened curtains

And windowed sleep

Tears of freedom

And no regrets of the past.


Written for Poetry Jam

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18 Responses to Abandoned House

  1. Gabriella says:

    I am sure there are people who have had such painful youths or past experiences that they never regret what is behind them.

  2. Myrna says:

    Very sad what you write here. Yet, a true aspect of life that some are abandoned once they’re deemed useless. Good writing here.

  3. peggygoetz says:

    It seems a house would be the ultimate abandoned treasure. Such a sadness-tinged reflection here.

  4. Gillena Cox says:

    Wow if such could speak not just creak, there is surely a wealth of stories to be told, thanks for stopping over at my blog

    Much love…

  5. Once this old house was a treasured home… Lovely poem, Alan.

  6. Laurie Kolp says:

    I love your unique take on the prompt, Alan.

  7. Wendy Bourke says:

    Wonderful piece of writing, Alan. I can so picture this abandoned house. A very cool, unexpected finish: “no regrets”.

  8. Sumana Roy says:

    it once had beauty, grandeur, warmth of shelter…time does turn treasure into trash…so no regret…nice writing…

  9. arushiahuja says:

    tears of freedom are the best tears ever in anyones eyes… beautiful!!

  10. humbird says:

    Such a lines make both a house and human to be satisfied with past….~ wow about the photo – how anyone at all able to enter the house…what a treasured trash

  11. Poet Laundry says:

    No regrets…I wish I could say the same lol. Nice work here Alan.

  12. djtsmith says:

    You can still see the beautiful lines of a house once treasured by someone. It appears that not all who lived there felt that way.

  13. Mary says:

    I do think it is a good thing to have no regrets of the past. It is always good to be able to live today and think forward without regrets of what we did or did not do in the past.

  14. claudia says:

    windowed sleep… love this.. and abandoned old houses have something so sad in a way and yet sth. so magical because of the many stories they can tell

  15. Mrs Minerva says:

    I’ve always wondered why people abandon houses… Everytime I go past one of them I wish I could make it again into the house it was years before. To me, houses are never trash, always a treasure. If only their walls could talk… I love your take on the prompt, Alan!

  16. arathi says:

    no regrets..that’s how one should look at it i guess..very nice lines alan:)

  17. gailatthefarm says:

    I always feel as if the empty windows are eyes, sad eyes.

  18. wolfsrosebud says:

    i did not think you’d take us in that direction… surprising ending for me… loved the photo

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