Abandoned Road



Down the road the footsteps fade

When twilight falls

The winds blow clear and cold.

The road is frightening

Its death full of surprises

Filled with hungry ghosts.

The road came back through the fog

Amidst blustering sheets of leaves

Dissolved into a flood

Down the road altered in these years

All my tears dissolve everything

Discovering that rust changes into gold

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5 Responses to Abandoned Road

  1. A road can be so much.. But often it’s obscure and hidden – hence scary.. Love your end here.

  2. You create a mysterious atmosphere in this, Alan. Though a bit eerie, I would like to explore.

  3. Mary says:

    It sounds like the journey, though frightening, had a positive ending when rust changed into gold!

  4. Justin Lamb says:

    Very nice. Kind of eerie and kind of intriguing all at once.

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