Home Grown



Born in occupied territory

Born into dictatorship tyranny

Born into military oppression

Born in a land stripped of liberty

Born into freedoms suppression

No protest march He organised

No participation in civil disobedience

No slander He shouted

No nationalistic propaganda

No preaching of insurrection

You said pray for those who abuse you

You said lay down your life for your neighbour

You said bless them that curse you

You said love your enemies

You said forgive those that sin against you

For His tears kissed the desperate

For His words comforted the lonely

For His friends were the forsaken

For His actions encouraged example

For His hands healed the broken

Let compassion reach out to the hurting

Let your life portray love

Let mercy defeat anger

Let grace overcome hate

Let your light shine in a world of darkness



Written for Poetry Jam and Poets United



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18 Responses to Home Grown

  1. Gillena Cox says:

    Amen, your poem is an affirmation of good living, have a nice Wednesday, thanks for stopping over at my blog

    Much love…

  2. brian miller says:

    loving your enemies and praying for them are some of the harder disciplines…i really like the form and progression of this alan…it is the way to live….

  3. arushiahuja says:

    i wish from the deepest of my heart your prayer comes true!! honest!

  4. An example was set for us to follow. What is the sad part is how we have maligned that example. Beautiful Alan!

  5. the last line says it all..” let your light shine in a world of darkness”…. I read it twice..so powerful yet promising a world full of light…..the light of peace…

  6. Alan, this is beautiful and speaks right to my heart. Thanks for the boost, on a heavy topic.

  7. and that person to me is Jesus Christ. although I believe it could be any other deity of another religion but Jesus he is to me. this was fantastic…thank you!

  8. Myrna says:

    Love the last stanza. And actually love is at the bottom of all He taught.

  9. Mary says:

    I do hope that somehow love with triumph in the end. More people need to let their lights shine and follow & follow the words that God has spoken about love.

  10. Gabriella says:

    Sometimes the situation is so grim that I wonder how love can finally triumph. But I do not want to lose that hope.

  11. PT says:

    absolutely marvelous piece! touched the heart

  12. Amen….I do believe love/kindness will finally conquer all wars!

  13. Sumana Roy says:

    He has shown the way but who’s following Him?….so the world suffers….this poem beautifully holds light and gives us strength and hope to dispel darkness…wonderfully done Alan…

  14. Alan,

    I like that there is good advice contained within your poem. In fact, I felt it had a message rather like a prayer, or even the Beatitudes..An excellent read Alan, thank you.


  15. jae rose says:

    It is hard to find a comment worthy of such certain and knowing thoughts and words

  16. G L Meisner says:

    Wonderful words reminding us what is needed in this life.

  17. Donna Smith says:

    Lots to keep close in our thoughts here. Well written.

  18. Powerful poem, Alan. It was precisely what I had in mind when I wrote my thankful poem about peace at home…

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