I think of you


Past hidden treasures

Soft floating comfort

Shadows of dust

Full of surprise

Full of awe

I see you

In dancing light

Drifts of eloquent white

Traversing the divine

Heralding winters splendour

A warrior’s banner

A wind of grace.


Written for Poetry Jam

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12 Responses to Clouds

  1. Gillena Cox says:

    Clouds are awesome that way

    Happy you dropped in at my blog

    Much love…

  2. Sumana Roy says:

    ah…so many faces of clouds like a multifaceted gem…beautiful..

  3. Mary says:

    Soft floating comfort – that is what clouds seem to be, I think. Almost like pillows in the sky. And certainly blown by the wind of grace!

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    So beautiful, Alan.

  5. Gabriella says:

    Clouds can remind us of loved ones and play with our emotions indeed.

  6. Wendy Bourke says:

    “Heralding winters splendour A warrior’s banner A wind of grace” Inspiriting and stirring.

  7. A lovely evocation of the thoughts and feelings generated by cloud-watching… Such a wonderful thing to do, while sitting under a tree in the country side… Sigh!

  8. peggygoetz says:

    Sorry to be so late here Alan. I thought I had read and commented on this before but apparently not! I enjoyed all your images of clouds. Good prompt. I hope you are enjoying your new home.

  9. Alan,

    Your poem is more of a canvas and painting. You have captured a cloudy adventure in all its glory…


  10. Ankita says:

    I totally agree with Eileen , your write paints such a beautiful picture. I really liked the ending Alan. Beautiful write! 🙂

  11. djtsmith says:

    Clouds do seem to herald so many things. Thanks for the billowy thoughts today!

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