Autumn (II)



The long grey afternoon colour banished from the sky

Time drifts in cloud’s layered granite landscaped demolition

A space of sound shadowed in a vision of copper, bronze,

Golden decaying maze dance to the music of windy, rainy days

Relentless angels of paradise released into the broken light

Absorb autumn’s dust birthed into a dying comfortless sky

Still your breath shatters the cracks and heals the wounds of years.

Written for Poetry Jam

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14 Responses to Autumn (II)

  1. Mary says:

    Oh yes, the long grey afternoons of autumn! But on these days one can always be thankful for the relentless angels & the breath that heals wounds. Nicely penned, Alan!

  2. Alan,

    A nicely themed piece of writing, caught in the failing light and the greys of this autumnal season. Always a sense of mystery on a dull day…
    Your bench is well placed to capture this season Alan:)


  3. Justin Lamb says:

    I really like “golden decaying maze.” That is a perfect way to describe a forest in the Fall.

  4. peggygoetz says:

    Neat capture of this colorful season. Enjoy!

  5. very beautiful! love the idea of an evening fading to gray.

  6. brian miller says:

    there is def birth in the dying…this season reminds us of that…lovely picture…my fav season for sure…smiles.

  7. Gabriella says:

    We are in the midst of the time you describe, Alan, where ‘colour (is) banished from the sky’. I like the more optimistic note at the end of your poem.

  8. Wendy Bourke says:

    Lovely – and a somewhat different form for you, I think Alan. “Still your breath shatters the cracks and heals the wounds of years.” The breath of a loved one – there is always comfort in that. These small mercies, give us strength.

  9. Helen says:

    This is lovely ….

  10. Gillena Cox says:

    Luv your resonance of autumn and evening, and the pondering of fading light
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog

    Much love…

  11. Sumana Roy says:

    In spite of the picture of death & decay all around there’s the blessedness of the presence of the loved ones …the last two lines are my favorite…

  12. A lovely ode to autumn and her beauty.

  13. vandana says:

    Such healing powers Autumn has.

  14. Nicholas V. says:

    Autumn when the year cracks and finally breaks as Winter is ushered in. Beautifully atmospheric and melancholic, Alan.

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