In a weak chain of concealment

Matters squared with your fraught conscious

Especially when you consider the years

That held each fragile repentant silence.


To allow yourself to accept forgiveness

As the hand grasps every hint of commitment

Consider every silent act of repercussion

And cling to each moment of reassurance.


For with the gift comes personal humiliation

You never bargain for all encompassing comfort

As you receive the grace you have encountered

And kiss the silence of flourishing endurance.



Written for Poetry Jam

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17 Responses to Silence

  1. brian miller says:

    to allow yourself to accept forgiveness….that is sometimes the hardest step….
    endurance, to run the good race, to keep up the fight and press on…it takes those moments of silence…

  2. Suyash_J says:

    well we must let endurance flourish

  3. Sumana Roy says:

    “….the years / That held each fragile repentant silence.”…a painful existence indeed until “allow yourself to accept forgiveness”….life is like razor’s edge on which to walk….

  4. Mary says:

    I do think a person has to allow themselves to accept forgiveness as well as to forgive others. I am not sure what you mean by personal humiliation. Are you saying with the gift of reassurance comes personal humiliation? I don’t experience personal humiliation in my belief system, so I am wondering. Thought-provoking, Alan.

  5. Gabriella says:

    I do not think grace entails pain. I think of gratefulness and acceptance.

  6. peggygoetz says:

    For sure one must embrace and be thankful for flourishing endurance. Good prompt this week. Thanks.

  7. djtsmith says:

    “you never bargain for all encompassing comfort”… but what a gift.

  8. “kiss the silence” … we do need to learn to do that more.

  9. Alan,

    I like the contemplation and something of the contrition involved. Those emotions both require silence, to simply reward the soul… Excellent Alan.


  10. arathi says:

    beautiful lines..loved the much to contemplate on..

  11. maryannpotter says:

    Repentance and grace — truth here. God sees, of course, our “weak chain of concealment.” We can’t live with that. But we can live fully with His forgiveness.

    My goodness, I enjoyed this!

  12. Meghana says:

    thats a lovely take on “silence”. Somehow acceptance and forgiveness seem to be the hardest things to do!!!

  13. Nimi Arora says:

    Silence is about pain. Silence is about calmness.
    Silence is also about forgiveness, about letting go. Very different and very positive…

  14. Susmit says:

    We really need to learn to Accept, Endure, and if those can be done in a Silent way….Brilliantly put!!

  15. So much truth in these lines!

  16. so much truth here very nice poem

  17. A wonderful reflective poem, Alan. How easy it is in relationships, in our daily interactions in society to lash out and speak acidly, when often silence allows grace…

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