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The Tea Room

A cup of tea beneath a burning lantern As large moths circle erratically with grace The walls left blank for our imagination Scant particles of wonder now made complete — A strand of light caught in a spider’s web Elaborate … Continue reading

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The First Step

I used to go to work every morning by nine Packed lunch in my rucksack Mobile in my pocket Both there to keep me connected. — After my daily journey Up and down the same road I would wonder about … Continue reading

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Autumn Eyes

If dreams spiral in circles as amber leaves in drifts of cold rain dance on the swirling breeze — I in crimson light will look into your eyes leave the future to itself and trust in love. —- Written for … Continue reading

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Far Away

Pale sunlight washed over the rooftops The bitterness of winter had dragged on For far too long.   A symphony of birdsong welcomed the day The fresh smell of damp earth filled the air Breathing new life.   Leaf buds … Continue reading

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