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The Unredeemed by Edward Dyson – #Gallipoli100

  I saw the Christ down from His cross, A tragic man lean-limbed and tall, But weighed with suffering and loss His back was to a broken wall, And out upon the tameless world Was fixed His gaze His piercing … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s time… To Avoid deserts And gather quietly On high ground, Stay tuned And stand still as your heart quietly waits . But most of all Breathless Helpless Watch The ever-rolling spheres of heaven. — Written for Poetry Jam

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Life aches crimson Sears the skin Touching each nerve Kissing my thorns Tears on petals As lonely poppies fall Into the garden of the impossible So rich in colour A place of dreaming A place to imagine A place of … Continue reading

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  Desire’s pure flame Sweet scented perfume of delight Desire’s pure flame Fragrant aroma kisses my shame Love’s promise forever burns bright Darkness dispelled in radiant light Desire’s pure flame —– Written for Poetry Jam

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