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Molten pain Frightened voices rage Simmering No more breath Wait for some recognition Slowly moments fade

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Through freezing rain Desperately cavorting with an umbrella Like startled starlings Clouds of smoke Blood thunder Where the horizon blends With lonely cafés Fly-posted shops Blistered with malice Before a crimson cabriolet As furious cars Chase Lit windows of a … Continue reading

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Almond Grove

Suffering was out of bounds when I was made of mahogany Unspeakable questions Harsh splinters rising in my throat Unspoken words Disconnected yet understood. You Choose to cry in silence Or hold each cold, stainless knife As every accepted incision … Continue reading

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Angels of the room Crying colours At the corner table Scarlet wine The chains of love Silver velvet Afternoon crystal Pink and blue  — For peace enchants Love is hidden — Moments shine Tiny promise of delight In the twilight … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder Where I am headed how will I know when I arrive? I may lose my way Wander aimlessly Silently in the desert it is hard to believe in emptiness.

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Time drifts through mindful hours staring into space answering the whirr of the clock seconds bleed. Absorbed by morning Immersed into darkness Shadows turn towards noon selfless and gracious in light and dark passages, For one last touch and taste … Continue reading

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Summer is at Hand

The moment is at hand Through misty silences The air is calm and still — For carpets of wildflowers Gleaming gold embroidery Marigolds, buttercups and dandelions Weave their floral tapestry — And on quiet roads Sun bathed stones in solitude … Continue reading

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Tears of tomorrow Cloud my vision Words sent to proclaim Sweep the universal chasm And wrenched from agony Blood soaked bandages tend my raw wounds Healing the loneliness of silence For in simple gestures Extending your hand Listening As the … Continue reading

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