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A heart longing for freedom Fashioned with whispers of hope Desire’s living breath Fragrant passionate mist Perfume of grace and presence   Mercy dances with delight As curtains close on reflected eyes Breathe and radiate each sigh of love   … Continue reading

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All those rain drops that longed for you Longed to kiss your face Held each promise Reassured every tender cheek A time to imagine To silently comfort The stillness in your spirit.

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Guard the entrance of my heart In a blanket of hope With love and acceptance Capture my travelling soul For within me is your life As love opens my heart For in the power of our union I am changed … Continue reading

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My heart Consuming golden fire Burns free Spirit in my veins Embers of glory I see an altar Cleansing branch Broken reed As sacred stones and Silver knives Try to shake free And reach the sun A molten living furnace … Continue reading

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Jewels Of Grace

A heart reaching to heaven Held with jewels of grace Treasured pure heart Living glorious presence Fragrance of wonder and hope   Compassion Illuminates goodness As every dawn greets the light Shine and radiate each strand of life   Each … Continue reading

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Lift up your eyes and see The rising of his glory His radiant presence within   When he whispers I will listen When he ignites I am set on fire   He is the life in my veins He is … Continue reading

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Beyond the doorway Beyond time and space Beyond imagination Beyond the shallows Living and grasping and walking Your love always answered.

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