The War Memorial

Names carved into stone tell an ancient tale

Of days long past and youthful dreams that pale

With wounds endured and crafted in travail


Here is a generation of lost hope

A vast list of sacrifice beyond scope

Forlorn and lost to wars evil struggle


Each name a testament to their belief

Their lives extinguished all too brief

Turned back to dust, dressed with deaths apparel


For every name a story was written

Lost in time their deeds now forgotten

Every heart that once followed loves example


The distant guns are now forever silent

Just the long list of those who are absent

And the memory of the cruel battle


Now there is no one left to take the blame

For brave lives given to carry the flame

Of dreams and hopes for future lives to claim


So take your time and study every name

Each one a life of promise and proclaim

Their sacrifice was not laid down in vain.

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1 Response to The War Memorial

  1. Mary says:

    A very touching write, Alan. Yes, study their names, though perhaps their deeds have been forgotten. Their lives have a story, an important one, even if we do not remember the details. Thank you for this.

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