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The Whisper

It will pass The still small voice says This grief Is momentary Fleeting A heartbeat in space A silent secret  ———– It will last The whisper from beyond time This love Is forever Eternal A healing of the soul A … Continue reading

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Unmoved Crafted in hard mahogany Battered with age Ruined through indifference Your weathered frame Times forgotten door.  ———– Carefully Through trembling shadows Past distant clouds Into eternal dreams Slowly reaching out Life’s forgotten hope. ———– Entering Loves endless summer Joys … Continue reading

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There she sits alone A picture of isolation Emptiness is her song That holds her captive And leaves her void of hope In search of love  ———- Silent tears kiss her cheeks Sweet memories of lost time Distant tunes in … Continue reading

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A Heart of Sorrow

A heart of sorrow Which cannot be repaired Lost in life’s silent ache Burns holes in my memory. ———– Faded recollections Warm waves come in a flood A future burnt in ruins Caressing a sweet tomorrow. ———— Long time holding … Continue reading

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Let us pretend Like children Leave the world behind In the distance.  ———– Far away Into a fantasy land Where we can dream Together.  ———– Lost in each other Lost in the act Lost to reality Lost to the world … Continue reading

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What should I do, With this gift of love? ———– Hold it close Grip it tight Hide it away Lock it up Keep it cherished Let it go Scatter it about Give it away ———– Freely given Freely received ————- … Continue reading

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Fragments of Hope

Fragments of hope Fall like discarded feathers Red petals Cloud the sky Concealing the light Drifting In limitless motion. ———— Shards of fire Flash before my eyes Yellow swords Stab my mind Breaking the darkness Bringing An eternal peace. ———– … Continue reading

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Thankful in the Park

Thank you lord For friendly people Who walking their dogs Stop and chat And share the moment ——— Bless you lord For the wind That carries butterflies On unseen currents And captures the moment ———- Praise you lord For children … Continue reading

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Chaos Vacant space Echoes split endless void Worlds untouched by light Golden fire consumes aching shadows Whispered words divides crystal oceans Mountains exalted among chariots of praise Banks of flowers kissed by heavens dew Morning blossoms herald a glorious day … Continue reading

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Somewhere deep inside Hides the untouchable The unkissable The unattainable A secret chamber of silence Soundless despair  ———- Locked within stone Forgotten hope Pearls of grace Loves sweet drops In a castle of possibilities Molten emotion ———– Eternal tears awake … Continue reading

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