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Lighthouse by Red Dirt Girl

Poets United asked us to select a poem or poems that we felt were a gift.  Then link it here, so it can share this gift with others.  It can be a poem that spoke to you directly, or maybe it … Continue reading

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Weaving into narrow dark ancient lanes Through a corridor of walls all the same Towards a forest of iron columns  ———– Sunlight sparkles from a mirror of slate Roof tiles extend into extended space Overhead silent stands a clock tower. … Continue reading

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Seaside Shop

Our seaside shop sells everything, Sweet false teeth and kiss-me-quick hats, Toffee, fudge and candy rock And saucy postcards from a pack. ———– There are the ones with naughty jokes, All kinds of ladies in bathing costumes, Cheeky chappies making … Continue reading

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Grounded in Love

The promise of your fullness The light of expectation Hidden in mystery Intimate communion.  ———– The silence of your arrival The warmth of salvation Redeemed in crimson drops Lost in wonder. ———– The union of your presence The surge of … Continue reading

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He was a fine upstanding citizen Who would never dream of sharing Or helping his fellow man Yet from his lofty position Of high self righteousness Personal avarice Was cruel to others And forgot The reason for the season “Bah!” … Continue reading

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The shipwreck of my desire Crushed by thunderous waves Broken on the rocks of solitude Silent the ebb and flow That drowns all my hope. ———- Imprisoned by fractured winds A sapphire storm raged Unstable is my mortal frame The … Continue reading

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A sacrifice of dreams Held captive by mystery In a prison of uncertain love Redeemed with a kiss. ———- Adrift in an ocean of expectant eyes Rages a sigh of hope Awaiting crumbs of praise Times torrent of indifference. ——— … Continue reading

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Edwardian Lanes

Take a stroll with me Through elegant Edwardian lanes Slowly Steadily Hand in hand with each other.  ———- Let’s laugh together Remember golden days Always Forever When we tasted life’s pleasures.  ———- Time can be cruel Plays tricks on the … Continue reading

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