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In The Park Woods

Well worn paths Through shaded glens A cathedral of branches Altar of leaves Windows of green Hidden chancels of dreams Lost in paradise ———– Sweet the wind that chills Dance with the breeze A psalm of tenderness Streams a symphony … Continue reading

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Carry On

Fear is transient Love everlasting Don’t look for freedom Where Wisdom hides For with Knowledge Comes Self awareness And deeper sorrow No relief For the labyrinth of the soul. Grace is kept secret Hidden in dungeons Locked away Borne and … Continue reading

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Lift my eyes towards the sky Burst into life Bloom With summers light.  ———– Slide open the door That love inflicts Hope With colours patterns. ———- Walk down the empty road Towards the dawn Alive With fostering love. ———- Soak … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I hurt you I didn’t mean To make You cry I’m sorry I said it The words just Came out Freely I’m sorry I should have realized Put my mouth In gear Stopped  ——– I’m sorry  ——— But … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon I mowed the lawn Cleaned out the rabbit Washed the car Hovered the carpet Sorted my books Made everyone beans on toast.  ———– Then in the evening I thought I would Take the plunge And do the … Continue reading

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Crimson Horizon

Erosion Sorrow Shadows summon Smooth sapphire spheres Adorned with a ruby ribbon The flakes of the sun stare at golden candles Light a pale crimson horizon Laconic laughter lifts Lilac lotion Lifeless Ash ————– Written for Poets United

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I push my hand in my pocket Fingers reach for treasure Every fret Every fear A touch to greet The deep embrace. ———– Written for Poetry Jam

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She walked past our house every morning Pushing the pram With two children In tow Behind Struggling In all weathers Against the lashing rain Pushed back by the wind Through the snow Towards the school Constantly late Always behind Struggling … Continue reading

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I waited for your call From the edge of recollection The warehouse of my heart Into a chamber of desolation. ——— High over my thoughts Nothing but my imagination Blown petals that shine Shards of bright illumination.  ———- You promised … Continue reading

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