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Dark wonder On the night air When sleep retreats When silence reigns Stay behind Slowly rise Listen to the lonely bell Love rips and heals I am vulnerable I am dust I am sand

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Without hope Something inside dies Dreams fade Expectations drift For desire awaits fulfilment and all the promises without a today never become reality. For it is in the possessing of all that has been mislaid That changes desire and raises … Continue reading

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Cold is the rain Creeping sighing wind A burden of endless sorrow  — Clouds of granite lend Wings to distant thunder Where memories find Bronze tainted leaves  — Swollen decaying land Furnace glowing crimson As lonely hearts bond  — Misty … Continue reading

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Iron rips into flesh Crimson streams seep in gushing agony Intense pain Torn Hate driven home Elevated for every eye to see Sins wounds Crimson atonement Eternal redemption The predestined sacrifice Bleeding in wraths rivers Crushed for my rebellion And … Continue reading

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