It’s Not Too Late


It’s not too late

To take the plunge

Make the decision

Change your perspective

Lose the guilt

Laugh out loud

Cry in public

Hold your tongue


It’s not too late

To look and wonder

Ask the questions

Seek the truth

Taste the nectar

Walk by oceans

Run through fields

Listen to love


It’s not too late

To subscribe to life

Find the answer

Start your journey

Stare at stars

Breath in sweetness

Kiss the goodness

Surprised by sunlight


Feel forgiveness

Blissful touch


Written for Sunday Scribblings

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5 Responses to It’s Not Too Late

  1. I really like the idea of not being too late to subscribe to life!

  2. Berowne says:

    It’s obviously not too late for beautiful writing…

  3. Write Girl says:

    It’s never too late. Love the inspiration! Great take on the prompt.

  4. It’s never to late. A lovely read.

  5. Judy Roney says:

    This requires more than one, or two readings. I am soaking this in and loving it. Thanks for writing this. It’s NOT too late!

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