Brew – #Haiku

Inhale voices
from the pier.
Odours of the port


(Sometimes the words and actions of those around us, affect us more than we imagine. Words of unbelief can brew inside of us and contaminate the precious seed of faith, Just like voices that are carried on the breeze, the conversation permeates the very core of our soul. Inhaling the goodness of God by hearing his voice, keeps us from slipping into unbelief). 

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2 Responses to Brew – #Haiku

  1. M.Z says:

    1 word about this poem. Beautiful.

  2. coalkissed says:

    My mom used to tell me that you are known by the friends you keep. In ever understood that until I was older. I love the line “inhale voices”

Thank you for reading my poems. Please don't feel you have to comment. I enjoyed writing them, I hope you enjoyed reading them, Be blessed.

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